Oct 21, 2015

DIY aux couleurs de l'automne : Des lunettes Steampunk !

Hello everybody! ^^
I hope you are fine. Me, my back is hurting so bad... Anyway, I'll see you today with a special article and then this is my very first:

Do It Yourself, or how to do things yourself with his hands!

So be indulgent because I never done that in my life. (Although this is not the first time I make a creation) I will try to detail and explain each step, and I also planned a lot of pictures. (Hopefully enough)

So first, why make Steampunk goggles?

It turns out that it's a little bit "emblem" of this style that I love (Maybe even my favorite of all) and that unfortunately these small goggles are often very expensive. (For good stuff, on average 80 $ or 65 £ and it can cost more than 120 $ or 95 £)

And as I am stingy - ah no it's not that - as I am creative, Mr. Krevette said to himself: Why not to make them homemade?
And hop, the material was bought!

So I do not know if this will interest many people, But it would have been stupid not to share people on the web.



After removing the lenses from the goggles, sand the metal surface with your sandpaper.
To allow the paint primer to have better adhesion. Also sand the two plastic sliders. (On the right side of the image)

+ Quick reminder: use a sanpaper with extra-fine grade.


Protect all the non-metal with the masking tape, don't forget the thread pitchs.

Once done, put the paint primer!
Important: protect yourself ! Use dust mask and gloves for this step and ,where possible, do it outside. (Personally it was my husband who did it, because of the smell that gave me nausea)

That's what you'll get after drying.(Here I made the mistake of paint the tread pitchs, to screw the whole)


Finally, they will do something more fun. : the painting !
I really recommend this brand, the visual appearance is very realistic, it's impressive.

Take your brushes and apply copper and bronze paint to where you want. (Here I put the copper color - lighter - on the front of my goggles + on the sliders, and the bronze - darker - on all the rest)

Warning: it will take multiple coats of paint! Feel free to put as long as the result is not to your liking.

Normally, this is what you will get.
It already starts to look like Steampunk ^^


It's time to assemble the gears! I have tested plenty (without sticking) different patterns to see what made it better. Take different shades and shapes. And once found what I wanted I made a picture to make sure I got it right.

We must go slowly, and one by one. Start with the one from below and glue the others on. (Do not put too much but to several attachment points). Continue until everything is in place ^^

I also add a little bronze chains, because it's more fun. Do do the same, test the length you want, then cut.(If you want - like me - to keep an symmetry for both sides, use what you have already cut to make the other lengths)

Note: the toothpick proves to be handy in this step. Especially to place the chains and paste them without leaving a finger.

Attention: Don't forget to reverse your structure if you want to keep the same look on each side of your goggles. (As you can see on the right)


Let dry the gears and pass to the grease nipples. They will also have to be paint with the primer before they can be painted with the copper / bronze color. (Do not forget the dust mask!)

To make it easier, here is my trick:

Impale your grease nipples on a toothpick (yes again them ^^), and plant this toothpick in an old cardboard. This will allow you to paint them more easily and let them dry between each layer.


Replace the lenses of your goggles (or the new lenses if you bought others - Me, I took greens ^^) screw the lenses mounting. Replace the elastic strap and the sliders.

Now that your goggles is assembled again, you will be able to paste all the small decorations you prepared earlier.

1. The gears: this is the most delicate part because they are fragile, handle them with great caution.
Before fixing them with glue, make sure they don't block the passage. If you want to change your lenses one day and open the lensens mouting.
Once decided, paste!

2. Grease nipples: Be careful with your fingers, these parts are so small that you quickly stick with. And also, make sure that not hinding the unscrewing (especially when passing near the gears)

And here it is!


Now it only remains for you to parade with your glasses ^^

I hope in any case that my first DIY is clear enough for you, and if you ever have any questions the comment box will be delighted to welcome you and I will answer them.
Personally I took a lot of pleasure to realize them and to make this article, it changes me from what I usually do. And I love having the fingers full of paint, haha!

Obviously, all this is not done by chance... A fashion look will come soon with these goggles ;-)
But in the meantime, your opinion interests me!

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