Aug 17, 2019

Un été steampunk au 19e siècle…

Mr. Krevette's holidays are already ending and I am here again after a much needed break! (Sometimes I'm not motivated anymore and I do not want to force myself to post here just to post, it would lose its charm)

Jul 16, 2019

Manic Panic : Ultra Violet… ou presque !

First I make a small parenthesis to clarify (or re-specify if you follow me on Instagram) that at the time I'm writing it's been 6 days that I have mo internet connection or television. From where this delay ... X.X (And thus no tiny drawing in this article - which I nevertheless drawed - because the scanner works by wifi)

Jul 4, 2019

Steampunk un jour, steampunk tous les jours… ou presque !

It was way too long since I had not posted a steampunk look on the blog. All this because in recent months I mostly wear black, black, black and still black! (A habit that I dragg since adolescence ^^')

Jun 8, 2019

English touch

Hello, after the look of Darkrevette. It's my turn to show you my outfit worn during the baptism. Say it's a little less alternative, and apparently the look was more like an English touch.

May 31, 2019

Tenue gothique pour un baptême…

As I told you in my previoust article, I was recently invited to a baptism. So before D-Day, Mr. Krevette and I went to photograph our respective outfits to show you on the blog. (Without all the family in the background xD)

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