Feb 12, 2019

Maxi split hair Manic Panic : Evolution dans le temps

We meet again with yet another article that shows you the changes over time (shampoo after shampoo) of my hair colors. With each new hair color I renew the experience so that you can judge for yourself the holding of the chosen colorations.

Feb 6, 2019

Black Moon Cosmetics : Orb Of Light palette

Without transition, we go from Mr Krevette's DIY to Blackmoon Cosmetics's vegan and cruelty free eyes shadows! A brand that I love and whom I have already spoken to you several times on the blog. (The last article here)

Jan 25, 2019

Le mini short en hiver

The first look of the year has finally arrived, and as often, a lot of black ! However, I don't hide you that the photoshoots during winter isn't what I prefer x')

Jan 19, 2019

Soldes d’hiver : ma sélection 2019

As you expect, I have prepared a small selection for the winter sales. No less than 8 different shops for 32 items of varied style.

Jan 14, 2019

Vlog : bilan 2018

In this near mid-January I suggest you my very first "review of the year". And I think that if this blog endures it could be something that I would renew annually. (I admit that I found it fun to shoot ... *spoiler* or maybe it's because of the cats xD)

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