May 22, 2017

Mon premier Split Hair | + tuto

As you know, I love changing the color of my hair! And with the recent disappointment I experienced with the brand Lunar Tides, that didn’t last long on my hair, I needed to go back to my old friends: Manic Panic ^^ (Besides having a good excuse to, once more, change my style!)

May 18, 2017

Quand les pixels s’invitent dans votre vie…

[ Translation coming soon ]

May 5, 2017

Arctic Fox : Evolution de la couleur dans le temps + Tuto coloration

Little surprise for the first article of the 2 years of the blog, it’s Mr. Krevette who takes the controls ^^

Apr 29, 2017

Lady Steam

Back to Steampunk again, my favorite style! (I know I'm being repetitive)
But if you go see my lookbook you’ll find that each Steam outfit is very different from one another. And that's exactly what I like about this style. Malleable, it knows how to reinvent itself.

Apr 21, 2017

Liebster Awards, plus ou moins

A week ago I was tagged again in the famous Liebster Awards post. Well, to tell you everything, since the very first time I did a Liebster article at the beginning of the blog (that you can read here) I was tagged several times but wasn’t motivated to do it again.

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