Sep 20, 2017

Split hair Manic-Panic : évolution dans le temps

Last May I was changing my hair color again! After the winter "ice" gradient (there) I tried my very first split hair. (Tutorial here) So it was time for me to write my famous "changes over time" article to which you’re familiar with every time I change my hair color ;-)

Sep 14, 2017

Le rituel de la wishlist anniversaire : la revanche !

Once more, I’m about to turn 21 on this little planet. Tomorrow, if you want to know everything. September 15th is a pretty nice date when you think about it, it's right in the middle of the month. It seems, moreover, that I wasn’t in a hurry to get out of my cocoon, surely because I was comfortably settled there ^^

Sep 8, 2017

On n’en a jamais trop !

Today I’m coming back with a partnership. And you’ve probably guessed it, we'll talk about lingerie again. I can’t help myself, I love that ! But as the french title says, we never get too much. (Well, my closets tell me the opposite I admit...)

Aug 31, 2017

Parce que vos jambes le valent bien !

Hello everyone ! I come back today to talk about shopping. Tomorrow, you know, we're in September and summer clothing will - unfortunately - soon be replaced by the autumn collection.

Aug 22, 2017

Sirène moderne : osez l’originalité !

The Shrimp that I am (« Krevette » = Shrimp in french) finally suggest you a deep blue sea inspired look. However it will not be a tribute to the crustacean as I am, but to a cousin: the siren. (Yes, yes, true! ^^)

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