Dec 6, 2016

GoCustomized : Une bonne idée de cadeau de noël + code promo !

About two months ago my smartphone died. Like, completely ! So I had to say goodbye to my pretty Doctor Who case at the same time. And since, although I obviously bought a new phone, I couldn’t find a new skin for it.

So when I was contacted by GoCustomized who offered to send me a full customized case for my smartphone, the timing was perfect !
I quickly took a look at their website and was immediately seduced.
A rather wide choice of brands. (Iphone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony... and many others) And a easy way to customize your smartphone case or your tablet by yourself.
Besides, the website provides you some designs (not many but some) and a "text" tool is also available so you can add the quotation, the proverb or the funny idea of your choice. But above all - and that's what I've been very interested in - you can print a photo, a drawing, or any personal stuff on your case !

Without waiting, I tested many of my drawings on their website :D

The preview is quick and you can instantly resize your image on the smartphone or the tablet "test" (matching your own) to see the result ! That’s simple and the possibilities are unlimited !
A picture of your pet, a travel you’ve enjoyed, a drawing made by your kid, a selfie with your best friends, etc, etc ... your phone case will be a 100% personal and unique !

And as you can see, I’ve decided to print two of my drawings that you may have seen in the past on this blog. And it's really fun to see them now on my phone !
I really like the result a lot, the colors are faithful, down to the last detail. My drawing is the same as on the original. And that's exactly what I previewed on their website before my order. This case is the reflects of my personality, and it’s also unique. I will not miss my Doctor Who phone case anymore ^^

Just one flat : There is a very small extra piece of plastic on the side. A tiny sharped piece that I’ve noticed only 2 days after receiving it lol. Nothing bad or annoying but I prefer to mention it.

Anyway that makes me want to create more smartphone case using my drawings !
Try other styles and colors.

Here is my opinion, now you know everything ! And I hope that my pictures allow you to see the result of my order. (Moreover the shadow of the characters is part of the printed pattern, it is not the light that does this ^^)


So as Christmas approaches, GoCustomised and I offer you a small coupon code valid until December 15th on their website.

Do yourself a gift or to someone you love with the code :

And thank you very much to GoCustomized for this partnership and for this pretty case.

What do you think of my Samsung custom phone case ?
Would you like this kind of custom design with my drawings ?

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