Jan 8, 2018

[ Tuto ] Colorer des extensions

I start 2018 with an hair color article. I think it "represents" me a lot as a Manic Panic addicted blogger so I’m particularly glad to begin the year like this ^^

But it wont be to show you a new color. We keep focus on my split hair although since last month I'm slowly bleaching it. (Yes, "soon" - I insist on quotation marks - a new color :D)

Anyway, let's get back to the point. If you follow me for a while you know that I had to cut my hair in July for their well-being. Except that I had a lot of difficulties to see myself with short hair. That's what pushed me to buy extensions.
But when you have fancy colors like mine on your head, you’re forced to go through the coloring process if you want to make your hair looks uniform.

For my part, I took advantage of these new lengths to add colors xD Yes it's like that! The more I can dye more I do it lol.

So I suggest you a tutorial video to show you how to proceed. That’s not complicated but it requires good organization, especially when juggling with multiple colors. (My forked brushes, for example, made it difficult for me to dye my hair, so be careful with your brushes!)

In a future article I will tell you more about those extensions and their quality. At the moment I’d like to focus on coloring ;-) (One thing at a time!)

I let you now watch the video in which I gave several tips.

MANIC PANIC colors :

Extensions : Extens-Hair

If you have questions feel free to use the comment box ^^

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