Feb 22, 2018

Test : Manic Panic creamtones !

After three months without fancy colors in my hair (no color at all!), I was looking forward to use my brushes again and give a little fun and style to my mane!

So despite an index still unusable (you'll see it stretched non-stop in the video xD) and an elbow always a little painful I put on my black apron to test for you (and for me) the last coloring range of the brand that I love: Manic Panic.
If you follow my hair adventures since the opening of this blog, you know that I swear by the vegan brand Manic Panic. Not only because it’s not tested on animals but also because the colorations are good quality. (Superior to all other brands tested on the blog so far)
However what I did not specify here, at least it seems to me, is that the range of Manic Panic hair dye is divided into four: High voltage, Amplified, Dye Hard and Creamtones.
I had only used high voltage so far, because of the wide choice of colors. And then I must repeat it again, because of the quality as well. So I’ve always wanted to test other and other colors ^ ^ But this winter, driven by my desire to see spring soon, I thought "why not try these newcomers Creamtones pastel shades?"This allowed me to discover something else and test the brand more widely.


So as you see in the pictures (and as you will also see in video), the color is ... pastel very pastel! Barely visible in daylight on the lengths! :-/

By couloring my hair I was very dubious. I've barely seen the color so I added more and more layers. But in vain. The visuals on the website promise more frank and beautiful shades that I am far from getting on me.
And from what I could see, the Dreamsicle is more intense on yellow bleached hair (You can see that the salmon look better on my roots) while the Sean Nymph really needs to be put on a white bleaching hair! Difficult then to do a gradient...
By seeing the result I thought maybe I did something wrong but honestly I don’t see what. And although I realize that the colors are made to be pastel, I think it still lacks a little pigmentation. The green one in particular. It looks yellowish because of the color of my hair. It sometimes looks almost like a blond if you don’t look with a magnifying glass. The salmon one is more visible but it’s not convincing enough either. I'm afraid that at first shampoo there would be nothing left...

It breaks my heart to say it, but I am disappointed by the Manic Panic Creamtones.

But I let you watch the tutorial video, you will also see more clearly the color of my hair before dyeing it. This is important when using fancy colors, especially pastels!

I can tell you openly that I have already bought two other colors to cover these one. And of course I go back to my safe values, the Manic Panic High Voltage! Which means soon a new dyeing video on the blog, and again, new hair ^^ (This Krevette is crazy!)

But in the meantime, feel free to give me your opinion about the Creamtones! (There will obviously be no article "changes over time" given the little pigmentation of these)

PS: I wear a dark lipstick in dedication to my sister who prefers to see me like that ;D
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