Jan 14, 2019

Vlog : bilan 2018

In this near mid-January I suggest you my very first "review of the year". And I think that if this blog endures it could be something that I would renew annually. (I admit that I found it fun to shoot ... *spoiler* or maybe it's because of the cats xD)

So here is my second Vlog! I said that I would probably retry the experiment and it's done. (1er Vlog : here)

On the other hand, I thought I would make a much shorter video. I think that between the craziness of my cats (which you will see with your eyes) and the fact that I am not yet used to shoot videos, I have badly manage the timing a bit despite the cuts in editing. (Yes, yes, it was still much longer lol ^^')
Well, I hope you will have the courage, the patience and the motivation to go to the end of this video. And above all, that you will use the comment box to react to the different things about which I asked you your opinion :-)

Note: no animal was abused during the filming ... xP

To vote for me in the big Pomm'poire cast it's here !

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