L’ ѦlternѦtive : de l’autre côté de la mode…

+ I’m Kelly, mostly known as Krevette (« shrimp » with a personal spelling) + +

Alternative fashion, vegan, illustrator and cyclothymic* blogger I take you into my wacky universe, inspired by everything. Steampunk, punk, burlesque, gothic, Japanese fashion… I dress according to my moods and my crushes. Because we don’t need labels : Let’s just be ourselves !

To me, fashion is a game, an Art, it’s redesign and reinvent ourselves every day.

I like to think out of the box, originality, eccentricity and Haute couture. I might as well crush on a cheap and completely destroy outfit that a garment full of finesse with noble and precious material./div>

I hate pink, and every girly things AND I’m a fashion blogger ! Because there’s not only one way to be a woman or a single way for the fashion and beauty to be understood.

More personally, I’m a young (I care about it !) married woman since 2011 who doesn’t wish to have children. (Not today, not ever !) Animal lover (and a bit of Mister Krevette too) vegan since my nineteen, pierced and tattooed.

I leave in northeast of France, near Charleville-Mezieres and my Belgians neighbors, after spending the first 22 years of my life in Paris area. (Where my family still lives)

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