Partnership & Collaboration

Since the beginning of the blog, I've received several requests for partnership and collaboration. I've accepted some of them and declined a few. For transparency reason, I have never hiding when a product has been offered. It allows me to write on something I really like without reduce my shopping budget, and make sincerely one more article for my blog .

To offer an interesting and original content, I prefer accepting only what I really like, what I could have bought. Have a product what I can reuse according to my desires in my looks or in everyday life.

I invite you to visit the Contact tab for any request or question on the subject, you can find a contact form for join me quickly and easily. Or Email me at : contact(at)

I would like to thank the brands and the creators who have trusted me throughout these years, I have taken and still take a great pleasure to realize these partnerships.

  • Corset Brand
  • Lingerie Brand
  • Vegan hair colors and cosmetics Brand
    U.S.A. (France Division)
  • Marque de lingerie
  • Fashion E-store
  • Jewelry Creator
  • Jewelry and Beauty E-store
  • Personalizing products
  • Personalizing products

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