Oct 23, 2016

Darkrevette, maintenant en Franglais !

Hi everyone ! I’m finally back after several weeks of absence. (I hope you’ve missed me ^^)
For my part, it wasn’t really like holiday – between a new pace of life, a new home and multiple projects, the blog has unfortunately struggled to find its place.

And if I took my time, it’s because this post has to be special. Indeed, it’s the 100th one ! So I really had to mark the occasion ;-)
I would have never thought getting to this step while starting this blog, Although I’m not always 100% satisfied of what I’m doing (yes, that’s my perfectionist side) I love this little piece of world I’ve created here and I love reading your opinion and talking with you. And today, I’d like to extend these sharing moments !

I recently realized (almost by accident) that Darkrevette.com was as much visited in the United States as in France ! Many traffic and readers that were not necessary able to understand what I could write in french here. (And couldn’t comment neither)
Then, even if my English is not perfect, my vocabulary not rich and varied, even if there will also have some mistakes here I’d like to respond to the demand by officially open an English blog version.

The option is so now available above my “about”, on the right. Very noticeable thanks to my two mini dolls carrying flags, hehe. (That you can see on the picture up here)

I’m not surprised that the content of my blog can easily speaks to countries likes the US or England where alternative people is much more represented and accepted so it was something I had planned to do one day, and that I think was inevitable. So there it is… Darkrevette is about to be the master of the world !! *lmao* (It will not rain cats and dogs anymore but shrimps* ! *My nickname) (Darkrevette is made with 2 words : “Dark” and “Krevette” => “shrimp”)
In return it will be more, more work for me (help !) but I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and do it ! And I think that with time and practice I might improve my English too ? Who knows !

Finally, you all know now what I was preparing during this time. By the way, Mister Krevette was a huge help to make this possible ! He really work his ass off for me ! (But there’s still a lot to do. All my post are available in the two versions of the blog but in the English part there’s only pictures, no text yet. I’ll do it steps by steps !)

Anyway, I hope that my readers – so far in the shadow – will get them known and won’t hesitate to comment my future (and past) articles :-)
Speaking of future, a new fashion post is on its way ! *suspense*

Until then, be wise and don’t be afraid to say hi.

And welcome to the English speakers ! :D

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