Oct 28, 2016

Petit voyage dans le temps !

Here is the first real bilingual article of this blog, and what’s best than a new outfit post ! :-)
An outfit post with a particular visual effect.

And, Steampunk is back (I’ve missed it !) but with a little "Western" touch this time ! I recently had a huge crush on this gorgeous dress while looking for things to put on my "birthday whishlist" and I couldn’t resist, I had to buy it ! This is why the dress wasn’t on my wishlist, it was in my cart xD
I knew exactly how to wear it, even before I receive it. This dress is just perfect ! It’s top is incredible with this beautiful neckline and ruched details and I love all the frills on the skirt part. I was looking for a dress like this one for such a long time and even in my dreams it wasn’t that gorgeous !

In addition, the shop in which I found this dress is so professional ! It’s Bohemian Finds.
I highly recommend it to you !

Even before I receive the dress the shop emailed me to warn me that there was a little pull on it (barely noticeable) and so made me a 15% discount. A transparency that I’ve appreciated a lot.
And I can tell now that the little pull is almost invisible, I’ve searched for it a long time xD
So if you like some stuff on this website go for it ! Don’t hesitate !

But let’s go back to my outfits ! I did simple. Fist this gorgeous dress (as I said that much) that do the most part of the job, then a black underbust from Corset Story that I love very much (In transparency so the dress is not hide under it), big socks to be warm, a little retro hat, black cuffs from Rouge Gorge Lingerie, and tiny Banned vegan leather boots which was a birthday gift from my Mister Krevette :D
And this is it ! No fuss !
When I wear those outfits i’m a real eye-catcher lol ! (Not that I want to be) I guy even took a picture of me during the photoshoot. (T_T) We were at a crossed road and there was a weeding celebration just near. So many people around.
But the place was perfect, Mister Krevette finds this old train to add some retro/Western spirit to the pictures ! And we had so much fun, I was like a child and wanted to clim everywhere, hehe.

Anyway, I let you discover all the sepia effect pictures :-)

And of course, after all those pictures, here is the video. You’ll see my outfits in “real” colors, with no effects. (Better if you have a crush on something)

CUFFS (old collection) | Rouge Gorge Lingerie
BANNED BOOTS | Belldandy

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this Steampunk / Western post. Tell me everything ! :D

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