Nov 24, 2016

Il était une fois…

In the middle of a green wood, the Little Red Riding Hood. No, no, your imagination is not playing tricks on you. I'm actually introducing you a new look ^^

And that’s why it wasn’t published in October. I didn’t want this look to be related to an Halloween costume. Because if this beautiful outfit designed by MyOppa is clearly inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, It’s for me, wearable in everyday life.

And I would have waited more than a year for this outfit ! On May 27, 2015 I wrote an article entitled "sous le pif list" in which I listed you some clothes I had a crush on, and which I had missed. The little Red Riding Hood was in this list. Her designer didn’t want to take any more orders for this model since she decided to do it again *what a miracle* and for the last time, at the end of this year. So I received it in September, for my birthday, with a kind note from Marieco :-)
Anyway ! This gorgeous outfit was like my Holy Grail, so obviously, I couldn’t resist staging it for the blog. So I hope that the pictures and the video will please you because Mister Krevette and I had a blast while doing it :D

And it was in Belgium that we went to have fun in the woods, at sunset ... PS : And for the occasion I had dyed my hair totally ginger ! ^^

I repeat, this outfit is a pure wonder full of finesse and details ! And it already gives me so many ideas for other looks. I love it !

And although there have been a lot of photos in this article (the photoshoot was so beautiful that I couldn’t show you less pictures) it's not finished yet. Like every time, here's the video of the look. And pay attention to the big bad wolf ... he’s not very far! Keep your eyes open !

Complete outfit | MyOppa
Jessy Ross Shoes | CrazyInLove
Hair clip (braids) | MischeviousFairy

So what do you think of it ? ^^

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