Nov 18, 2016

Shopping d’automne : mes trouvailles !

It was a long time since I hadn’t write an article about my last purchases, so I catch up today with lots of nice things and especially very varied.

It was a bit difficult for me to find the time to take pictures of all these things so don’t be surprised to see me with my “just waking face”, without any makeup xD (A good way to learn to like yourself right ?)
With the bad weather here for several weeks (I hate the rain !) and the winter time, it is very dark in the house and the night comes quickly. So I have to take my photos as fast as possible and the best time for me is before getting my little kitten monster “out to bed” cuz then the party and the mess begins lol. (Yes my Fraizy has a room just for herself in which she spends her nights, being too young and undisciplined to walk around by night without a watching eye)

Anyway, lately I bought myself a lot of really nice things that I wanted to show you. Which are also very varied ! And maybe you’ll also have fun :D

You may have already spotted them on the first picture, they are well back ! The latex melting tights that have sublimated the very first look of this blog and to whom I’d also dedicated a full article here come back in force. Since the opening of this blog it has likely been my “totem” accessory and despite the production has definitely stopped (I’d never get over it X.X) I had to get the colors I missed to complete my collection. (For latecomers you can also see my santiags look and my princess 2.0 look to see the other colors I already own ^^)
For now, here are the two newcomers in my wardrobe. (Yes, facing extinction now, I took several of them at once) The first is the "Bubblegum", a mix of pastel blue and lilac. I hadn’t double-shades yet so I am super happy ! It’s very cute and I really like those colors. The second is the "Messy black and white" which was one of the few tights to be black and not nude. It is therefore the only one of my collection to be tinted in this way, which now makes me a beautiful range of melting tights at home :D
I didn’t take pictures worn because as they are fragile I didn’t want to wear them "for nothing". They are currently full of talc to prevent the latex from sticking to itself. (You can catch up with the visuals of the website ^^)

Let me introduce you my new best friends !! ^___^
I’m a big, big fan of funny slippers and that’s impossible to make me wear something less fun. In the past I had elephants with their majestic trunks and ears that took up a lot of space when I walked but they got older and I needed new ones. I named them "Helmut" and "Tequila" after asking my friends of the time some funny names and vote for their two favorites. They had been in charge of finding those names and today it's up to you with my two penguin :D
So, to your keyboards ! I’m waiting for your ideas in comment and I would choose (with Mister Krevette) the most fun proposals.
In the meantime, you can admire these beautiful wonders. Know that there is a very large choice of sizes, Even Mister Krevette (size L) had his pair of slippers. (Small koalas lying on their backs ^^) This way, no jealous hehe

As I told you in the beginning of this article, bad weather has been well installed for a few weeks so it is now better to wear mittens again, especially in the evening. And it's been so long since I've been looking for such products : simple, in wool, with just a small hole to pass the thumb !
So when I saw the mini prizes I completely let myself go. Different sizes and colors, I'm ready for autumn - winter with those 6 pairs :D And I love them. They are comfortable and fit easily with my outfits.

Yes in this post I decided to dress you from head to toe ^^ So let’s see my new favorite hair accessory of all time : Hair spikes ! I discovered this little jewelry via Instagram and I found it so original, it was made for me. In addition it is very easy to use and It really gives a plus to a simple hairstyle. (Well… I’d warned you, I had to take these pictures right after waking up so forgive the basic and messy hairstyle lol) Isn’t it a wonderful accessory ? I love it !
Moreover, they are sent in this pretty little black velvet pocket.

And to close this beautiful shopping session, the "map skirt" !
I had a crush when I saw it online. This fabric looking like an old treasure map is just fabulous, and the victorian cut of the skirt is, on the other hand, absolutely stunning. Nothing is missing on this skirt except the warnings on the site about the fragile lacing. Apart from this line, the length of the skirt is perfect. I was very afraid to walk on it (because I’m small) but I don’t. Indeed, you can see how it fits me, even without shoes ;-)
There is just one thing I regret, the lack of plastic frames on the waits. (So that the skirt doesn’t bend by tightening the lacing) But otherwise I like it anyway and I look forward to shoot a look with it :D
Unfortunately the skirt is no longer available in this fabric but they have the same skirt, the same cut and the same length in other patterns and colors. But if you really like this map fabric, there is this little dress with this exact same pattern.

And so ends my latest discoveries ! I hope that I’ve made you discover nice things, anyway don’t hesitate to tell me what’s your favorites. I’d have a hard time making a choice so much I love all these products ^^ And don’t forget to find a name for my two cute penguins ! They quietly await your proposals, hehe.

Bubblegum tights URB Clothing | Carriescloset
Messy black & white tights URB Clothing | Carriescloset
Penguins slippers | Sleeperz
Short mittens | Amazon
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Disturbia Hair spikes | Lamoda
Victorian skirt (similar) | Dracula Cloting

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