Dec 17, 2016

Darkrevette : bêtisier 2016 !

Tradition since the creation of this blog, the bloopers makes its big return with the 2016 photo shoots ! And if you missed the 2015 ones, it's here ^^

The purpose of these articles is to break the “too perfect” image that I can give through this fashion / beauty blog. Although I do my best to remain faithful to myself, the world of fashion has in spite of itself a superficial aspect which follows it like a shadow. And I don’t like it.

If obviously I also love to put on my best face, as on Instagram, the bloopers allow me to rebalance the balance ;P

Then, as the proverb says, ridicule never killed anyone !

And if I can make you laugh at me I would be happy eheh. Anyway I love this tradition.
For the most part, bloopers came from my fear of insects. (Many of them were buzzing in my ears or climbing over me)

Anyway, let’s go !

Don’t hesitate to tell me which picture made you laugh the most xD
And see you soon for the holiday look.
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