Dec 22, 2016

Les fêtes : jusqu’au bout de la nuit !

Hello everyone ! I am finally back with a new look. (And with a new hair color, but we’ll talk about it later ^^) And who says december 22nd, also says end of the year parties ! ;-)

What I like about this theme is that it's an opportunity to have a different atmosphere on the pictures. To take them at night and bring out the spirit of festivity. Besides I don’t understand why most of the bloggers shoot their festive look in broad day-light. I find it sad...

Anyway ! Aside from the cold and the almost rainy mist of the moment I had a lot of fun. The scenery (station of Charleville-Mézières) was amazing ! And I love the result on the photos. There is a fairy-like aspect thanks to the color of the sky in the dim light and these pink lights.

But let's talk a bit about this look. A great first for me : the fur jacket ! (Faux fur of course)

If someone would’ve told me that one day I would crush on a fur outfit, I’d never believed it ! I never liked it, really not xD
! But seeing this jacket among the latest Iron Fist collection, was like love at first sight ! I find it so funny with these two big eyes. I feel like wearing a hairy, multicolored monster, from a computer-animated film. ^^ (Such as Monsters, Inc)

And I can tell you that since I have it, I wear it every day !

With this crazy little jacket I wear a fancy dress ! The kind of dress we see on these women on the red carpets. This is probably the finest piece of my whole dressing.
It comes from a brand that I like a lot (Their lingerie collections are crazy !) and that you’ve never heard of on this blog : For Love And Lemons.
Far from the alternative world to which I have accustomed you it’s a brand a bit luxurious with prices not very affordable. (I reassure you, it was -50% off when I bought it)

However this brand has a big flaw. It’s design for women of at least 1m70. As if we were all models... I was very disappointed on this point. So the sleeves are too long and the bust too.

Well, we could tell that we don’t notice it. ^^

I let you discover the beautiful pictures of the look. The place, the lights, the atmosphere.

And as always, here is the video of the look. It’s more interesting to see the outfits in motion ;-)
Besides it’s done more often on eshops too, and I think it's great !

(Faux) fur Jacket I See You | Iron Fist
Dress | For Love And Lemons
Latex tights | URB Clothing (old collection)
wings shoes | YRU (old collection) | Also here

I hope this half-crazy / half-fatal party look will please you. It is for me an unexpected composition but I like it very much. I can see different traits of my personality mixed together ^^

Happy holidays to all of you !

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