Jan 4, 2017

Mes petits amours de chats imprimés chez Coque-unique | + concours !

I'm back with my first article of the year ! An article full of cats - because they're too cute - along with a small giveaway ^^ (Yes I start strong in 2017 !)

But above all, I wish you a very good year full of good things !
I hope to keep on this blog for a long time by your side.

Last year (yes, even if it was last December :-P) I was contacted by Coque-unique. This website sells customized phone case. But not only !
Coque-unique can customize many other things just for you : mouse pad, USB stick, diary, clock, photo on canvas, small table, t-shirt, ect... The choice is very wide ! So wide that I didn’t know where to start.
But I was delighted to try something else than the famous phone case :-)

And it is on a customized laptop backpack that I have set my sights ! It’s something I didn’t have at home.
I chose to print the first photo of my cats together, just after the adoption of my kitten. (She has grown too much since T_T)

* * *

I like the result. I find the quality of my picture really good although this transparent shell is in a material that attracts dust. (But apparently robust given the number of times I've dropped it. Not a scratch lol)
There's also plenty of storage inside. (Diary, pens, notepad...) MMy sketching book can easily gets inside and it's perfect for me. I can carry all my artistic need, in addition to my pc, in this beautiful and 100% unique backpack ! And when we take the road it is finally more pleasant to have a bag of this kind dedicated to all that is "office" rather than to put all these things between the socks and the deodorant. (Yes It looks like a personal experience xD)
And I didn’t even know that we could customized that kind of thing. It allowed me to make a good discovery.

Now I could - in addition to my laptop - take my cats everywhere with me ! :D

I advise you to take a look at Coque-unique to see by yourself the full range of possibilities. However, to be honest I find their website a bit 'messy'. (There’s so many choices, and so everywhere xD) That's too bad because their services and products looks good, at least from my tiny experience with them.

My laptop backpack is amazing ! I love seeing the little furry faces of my Fraizy and Titi on it. I don’t regret my choice. :-)
And my cats seemed to like it too, hehe !


Christmas plays extra time on the blog ^^

Indeed, Coque-unique and I, offer you to win a customized phone case. Their website has a wide range of smartphones as well as really cool case designers. (Because we never get too much of theses !)

And good thing, this giveaway is open worldwide ! So everyone can enter.

To participate, simply go to my Facebook page. The terms of this contest await you there.
You have until Friday the 13th to participate. (Yes, it matches with my black cat ^^) The winner will be chosen at random bye me by Saturday January 14th. ^^

Good luck to everyone and Thanks again to coque-unique for their great generosity !

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