Jan 9, 2017

Chevelure glacée !

As you’ve noticed, it’s been a little more than 3 weeks since I changed the color of my hair. You did figure it out with my last look and on Instagram.

I had been looking forward to showing you all this in detail, write this article, and finally there it is ! :D

As for my sunset gradient and the previous gradient (yes, I like to change my hair color ^^) I‘ve prepared a tutorial video. I now get used to do it with every new color.
And if the method remains globally the same, there is something new this time.

Indeed, after years of loyalty to the vegan brand Manic Panic – which I’ve often told you about the quality – I have try a new one. (Always vegan of course !) Not that I got tired of Manic Panic but I discovered a new brand whose colors matched well to what I wanted to do on my hair. (An idea I had in mind for several months)
Moreover, as an alternative / fashion / beauty (and vegan !) blogger I thought it was time for me to expand opportunities and test for you other hair dye to be able to give you my opinion later.


Lunar Tides is their name. Based in Oregon (USA), the brand sells its product on Etsy and doesn’t have a website strictly speaking. They propose to date 32 shades including a "Smokey" collection that I find particularly interesting.
To speak about my hair, I chose to create a kind of “iceberg” gradient, winter and bluish hues, using :

The pictures you see here shows you the result on the day I dyed my hair. I’ll make you an article after 10 shampoos to show you the evolution of color in time. As I did for the Sunset gradient here ;-)

About the result on D-Day then, I'm not disappointed at all ! The colors are beautiful and have taken well on my hair. In terms of visual fidelity on the site I can’t judge fairly. Turns out that my bleaching wasn’t very uniform. You’ll see it in the video, my roots are very yellow (the first 8 centimeters of my hair) and the rest of my hair is whiter.
Therefore, for example, the Moonstone I applied to my roots doesn’t have the shade it should have. With the yellow of my hair it emerges turquoise (a “green-blue”) instead of a pastel blue. But I finally like it a lot haha.


There is a significant difference between Lunar Tides and Manic Panic.
The texture of the hair color is very different. Lunar Tides foams heavily on the hair and its material is much lighter, fluid. Sometimes I wondered if I had applied enough color on my head xD Its composition is much like an after shampoo.

Besides pay attention : with Lunar Tides you simply clear your hair with cold water after coloring. Don’t use a shampoo.
This is the first time I do not shampoo after coloring my hair and it was quite confusing. But the result is there and it's finally faster ^^

But the brand has one flat, its too strong fragrant odor. I have a fine and sensitive nose and I find their products too perfumed. Even Mister Krevette, with less sensitive smell, found it too much. I had the taste in my throat. And the first shampoos revived the smell of the hair dye constantly. A calvary for me.

* * *

So here is, for the moment, my opinion on the brand Lunar Tides. I leave you now to watch my tutorial. You can see the final result - from where the photos are taken - at the end of the video. (Hair in motion)

What’s your opinion about my new hair color ? Do you like winter shades ? :-)

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