Feb 20, 2017

La Krevette qui rêvait d’être un panda roux…

Hello everybody ! I see that my lingerie post didn’t wowed the crowd, a chance then I come back more warmly dressed ! :P

Warmer weather approaches and the hardest is behind us. I therefore take advantage of this last month of winter to wear my Red Panda’s hat once I go outside. I love it so much that I no longer looking forward to spring, lol.

It’s THE key piece of this unclassifiable look. And that has worth me to be photographed on the street without my consent ==’
And to go with this soft and hairy Red Panda, a very original rusty “shawl”. Its uniqueness in its cut and its clip over the shoulder gives it this asymmetrical aspect. Looks like video games superhero costumes ! Large, comfortable, halfway between a waistcoat, an XXL scarf and a poncho; what more could you ask for ?

It’s also fun to see how it matches perfectly with the Red Panda hat while they come from two shops that have nothing to do with each other ^^

And to finish this look I wear a tulle prom skirt. I am a big fan of this type of skirt, like a puffing princess petticoat. It's beautiful in motion. I’ve always dreamed having one of this kind, and even more, in that color ! Green has become my favorite color with time and I yet don’t have much of it in my closet.

(The ballerinas I was wearing were for the sake of comfort as my right foot was hurting me again)

I hope that this look a little bit different from what I showed so far on the blog will please you. In the meantime, here are the photos.
(And yes, I wear a wig again ! I’m addict)

When I see these pictures I really don’t have any regret having left the Paris region for the countryside. There are no such places in the French capital. The place was quiet, peaceful and deserted. Convenient to take pictures with complete peace of mind ^^
I also think that this place fits pretty well with my outfit, hehe.

Anyway, to finish this post, here is the video of my look. The skirt is prettier in motion and the hat is even more cute in video :D (This hat is cute whatever !)

Red Panda hat | Idolatré
Wig "Cinders" | Black Candy Fashion
Rusty shawl Yggdrazil | Toonzshop
Tulle prom skirt | Asos

So what do you think ?
Would you wear this look ?

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