Feb 13, 2017

Lingerie : mes coups de cœur du moment !

If I speak about lingerie today, it’s not to match with Valentine's Day that comes tomorrow and of which I don’t care at all. It’s more that I have finally stuff to publish my article ^^’ (A hard time taking those article’s pictures ! Redoing it a 1000 times !)

Anyway. You know by now, I love lingerie. (Of course, I’m French :P) I have already made several post about it on the blog and I never get tired of it ! Every time I go to town it’s difficult for me not to pass the door of a Rouge Gorge or an Etam shop.
So since I’ve been weak lately by buying a lot of lingerie, I wanted to show you my latest favorites :-)
Various outfits although I have only set my sights on black this time, hehe. (What's bred in the bone…)

But enough blablas, let's go !

Negligee Énigme | Rouge Gorge (22€45 with -50% off)

I like this kind of clothing. It’s very comfortable and aesthetically beautiful and feminine. A way to have the cake and eat it too.
This one has very flared sleeves, almost like a kimono. And I love the lace that is on the bottom of the model ! The pattern is very pretty and it's a good idea to have put a little touch of lace rather than on the entire negligee.
Obviously it doesn't keep warm for winter but if you want to be sensual this will be your best ally ! ^^

Bra ampliform | Etam (20€99 with -40% off)

High panties (Hubert Barrére collection) | Rouge Gorge (15€ with -50% off)

I match two different brands to create a set ! Don’t be afraid to do this kind of thing when you don’t like the collections provided by the stores.
This bra is very cute. I love the double straps that give a bit more originality to the model. (In fact it’s simple straps and extra straps to tie behind the neck) The transparent part on the front pleases me especially because it remains discreet. And it has a pretty structured shape. This bra is both simple and full of details.

The panties, clearly, play the retro style. It's been a while since I wanted to try this high cut that is just sublime. And it's finally done ! And of course, I love it :D I think it gives elegance and moreover, the panties is very comfortable. It has small buttons on the back to open it and put it on. This underwear is very beautiful but also very transparent. It doesn’t bother me but it wasn’t easy to show you this panties then, lol.
These different areas in transparencies are very graphic and I love it ! The only flaw to this panties is that the waist (really at the top of the pants, on the belly) is too flared. It makes a small unsightly gap, too bad.

Bandeau Bra Each | Rouge Gorge (17€45 with -50% off)

This time, it is a model less classic and more importantly, without wires ! If you remember, I told you about my desire to wear bras with wire less often after it caused me pain in the breast. So here is a new one.
I love its original and rock'n'roll shape ! This is the kind of underwear that can be seen under a shirt, which is very sexy ^^ And I had nothing similar in my closet.
A crush when I saw it on the website. It’s perfect and mostly, comfortable !

Claudine bra | Etam (27€99 with -30% off)

This one is even more unusual ! As you can see, it’s almost a crop top. Col Claudine integrated and lace overlay to the bra without wire, it seems to have a small transparent top over a bra.
It's Mister Krevette who spotted this underwear in the shop, and what a beautiful find :-) I can imagine to wear it with a blazer and nothing more. A classic everything but classic !
Needless to say that I love it for its originality.

Bodysuit Divine | Etam (59€40 with -40% off)

I wouldn’t teach you anything about the return of the bodysuit in every shop since its came back for quite a time now. Well, I, who have never been a big fan of it and who, until then, hadn’t follow the move; I couldn’t resist this time ! Yes, I usually don’t easily (or not at all) buy super fashion things but I did.
I fell in love with that sexy bodysuit with its devastating cuts ! Just look at it… it’s gorgeous !
I really like everything, everything, everything ! Its shinny Calais lace (although the material used to make it shine is a bit "scratching" initially), its openings on the side, the front or the back of the bodysuit and its global shape. It’s an ultra sexy and haute couture underwear. (Key piece of the 100-year-old brand catwalk show) There are many details of high quality, I feel like wearing a gala dress as an underwear. I rarely wore lingerie that looks so refined. A huge crush !
Only flat, the front of the body tends to open more and more with time, the breasts then becoming too apparent. It would have taken a slight point in the center to better hold the opening. (It’s not a design for large breasts, I would even say that the less you have the better it is ^^’)

And there it is for my last lingerie shopping. That’s too bad my article was set up so late because the clothing I’ve shown you isn’t available anymore :-/
But I wanted to show you all in detail anyway. I love to share with you my crushes and shopping. With different styles and budgets.

And then I love lingerie. Just for that I am relieved not to be a man, hehe ^^

So, which one is your favorite ?

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