Mar 16, 2017

Valeur sûre : le Black & White

After all this tumult, I missed shooting new looks. I love our photo shoots with Mr Krevette and I’m always looking forward to see the result in picture!

The challenge of that period is to find the balance between the pleasant temperatures of the last weeks and the fact that we are only in March. One would be tempted to wear less clothes and that’s the trap!

So for this mid-season I opted for a small sleeveless blouse, a high waist shorts, boots surmounted by high gaiters, melting tights (which I presented you here) and a thin trench coat.
This coat is the key of this look. An ideal mid-season garment, neither too hot nor too light. I had a crush on it during winter sales. I've never worn an outfit like this before and I love it. Especially its material (although unpleasant on the skin xD) which gives the impression of an old coat. Felted, in a beautiful grey that fits with everything.

The whole outfits mixed together gives a nice blend of tones ranging from black to white as well as a interesting play of styles between classic (the white blouse, the trench ...) and rebellious. (Metal spikes, atypical tights...)

This look seems both wise and crazy to me!

Anyway, here are the photos of the look ;-)

And, you're now used to it, the video of the look. (I think we’re more aware of the cut of the jacket than on the pictures)

Trench coat | Promod save -30% !
Iron Fist Creepers Peterpan blouse | from Attitude UK [Also seen here] save 25%
High waist shorts | Asos Petite (old collection)
Faux leather belt with metal ring | Asos
Melting tights | URB (old collection)
Faux leather gaiters with spikes RQ-BL | from CrazyInLove
Faux leather BANNED boots | from Belldandy (old collection) [Also seen here]
Cupcake Cult Faux leather bag | from EMP-online

So this is my mid-season look. Personally I love accessories: The faux leather belt with its metal ring embellishes so well the shorts! Then the tights are totally crazy! You know how much I love this URB collection. Not to mention those spikes gaiters that turn my little boots into crazy high boots :D (Simply wear over the shoe and tightened thanks to the elastic parts at the back)

So, what do you think ?

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