Mar 29, 2017

Du printemps sur vos ongles

As I was telling you on social networks, Mr. Krevette was on vacation last week. So I did the same with the blog. And this little week was really great to me :-)

However the time change is always challenging. I’m tired in the morning, at noon, and of course, in the evening! My energy is stuck in winter time lol.
But the bright side is that spring is definitely here :D And I who has a garden for less than a year, I’m amazed to see it bloom for the first time.

Anyway, the subject of this article is not here. Today I wanted to show you my last purchase from Il Etait Un Vernis. You're used to it now, I only buy in this shop. Vegan, 5 free and frenchie : in short, the perfect trio!
But today it will not be about the brand's latest collection. I didn't like much this one. Instead, I enjoyed myself with nail polishes from the Hashtag winter collection, released in November 2015. Given that supplies are limited and that the collections are gradually disappearing, it was now or never!

So you tell me, a winter collection in a so springing post?
Well, yeah. Surprisingly I find the colors of this collection very suitable for the season. I would only present you 3 nail polishes out of 5 because I haven’t taken more colors and you’ll see by yourself that it works very well ^^


Its little name speaks for itself. Hello Sunshine is a sun all by itself. Bright, soft and sparkling at the same time, its color is neither too light nor too dark. As I like it. A natural yellow, not fluorescent. Intense and audacious.
I immediately fell in love with its captivating color especially since I had no yellow in my collection. (It requires 2 to 3 coats for good opacity. On my photos I had put 2)


Finally a little French name ^^ Monsieur Je t’Aime is the nth nail polish in the "teal" spectrum of the brand. The two designers are a fan of that color that oscillates between blue and green, and that's good because it's my favorite color!
So I obviously didn’t resist this nail polish that I find gorgeous. In a rather light and desaturated shade, it’s fresh and pigmented. Always in this particular shade, a little magic, which makes it both go for green and blue. As pure water of an unknown continent.


This one is the rebel of the band. But hard to take in picture. It looks blacker than the real color. Yet, this deep blue is wonderful. In the sun it sparkles so much !
I’ve always love dark nail polishes. Sexy and rock'n'roll at once. And I find this night blue stunning.

Hello Sunshine, Monsieur Je t’Aime and Lady Killer… #LOVEIT !

3 nail polishes from the same collection and 3 nail polishes very different from each other, each with a strong identity.
And if you're curious, you can see the entire Hashtag collection here. (5 nail polishes in total) However, in the IEUV shop, there are only 3 left. Lady Killer, Monsieur Je t’Aime and Just My Type.
You may find Hello Sunshine at one of their retailers if it please you as much as me. (The list is on Il Etait Un Vernis website)

So what about you, a favorite? ^^
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