Apr 29, 2017

Lady Steam

Back to Steampunk again, my favorite style! (I know I'm being repetitive)
But if you go see my lookbook you’ll find that each Steam outfit is very different from one another. And that's exactly what I like about this style. Malleable, it knows how to reinvent itself.

For this one it was first necessary to do some sewing. The skirt needed a lot of work!

First I sewed the pleated fabric that goes up on the front because the fragile ribbons didn’t hold anything anymore. Then I sewed an elastic in the inside of the skirt on the back to give a better support.

And for someone who doesn’t seam at all I'm really proud of the result ! :D

I can’t describe this look, give it a name, but I love it.
I believe it’s the combination of many things I love about fashion. And honestly it is both theatrical and very comfortable to wear for everyday use.
(I've worn this look at a family gathering, on the occasion of the anniversary of the goddaughter of Mr. Krevette ^^)

In short : I'm a fan of this look! This skirt (although with manufacturing defects on purchase) is a wonder and this harness / belt is the perfect match with it.

But I let you judge for yourself ;-)

I think that from all the steampunk looks I've suggested on this blog so far, it's the one I love the most!
And for the more observers you may recognize the black shirt that I wear? Although it appears in a look for the first time you’ve always had it under your eyes via the article : DIY Steampunk Goggles ;-D (Yes this shirt is in my dressing room for ages)

But let's go to the video during which there was a lot of wind! x)

Black shirt | Spin Doctor (old collection)
RQBL harness/belt | from Fantasmagoria
Map skirt | Dracula Clothing [ Special offer : was 70€, now 48€ ]
RQBL garter | from Japan Attitude
YRU Scorpio shoes | from Attitude Uk [ Special offer : was 101.02€, now 50.50€ ]
"Cinders" wig | Black Candy Fashion

And here is for this new look 100% Steampunk! Personally I would wear it every day :-)

And you what do you think?

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