Apr 21, 2017

Liebster Awards, plus ou moins

A week ago I was tagged again in the famous Liebster Awards post. Well, to tell you everything, since the very first time I did a Liebster article at the beginning of the blog (that you can read here) I was tagged several times but wasn’t motivated to do it again.

And then I had a visit from Leboudoirdeno and I thought why not?
Except this time I don't want to follow the rules*. (*To read on the first article) There will not be the answers to the questions I was asked (I’d do it on the blog I was tagged directly ^^) and there will not be 10 people tagged at the end of this post either.

No, this one will be more selfish since my blog is no longer young and innocent :P
Then it's especially a good excuse to tell you a little more about me and make lots of funny drawings. (I really had a lot of fun with the illustrations!)

And I obviously count on you to play the game and tell me about 11 things about you too ;-D

In the meantime, here are my little confessions. (I wrote my list to the feeling, without thinking) I hope you will keep the secret, hehe.

I've always been attracted to older men
(So my husband is the exception that proves the rule xD)

I don't like peas! *Yuck*
(Yes, vegetarians also have the right to dislike vegetables)

I am unable to read a book if there is any noise
(So I have books that are waiting to be read for almost 8 years)

Zombies / the leaving dead terrify me
(You'll understand, I'm not a fan of The Walking Dead)

I've always been the favorite target of bullies at school
(Even if I always fought back)

I can't imagine a life without cheese
(Hence my vegetarian diet - and not vegan)

I love to make naps with my kitten
(She has the gift of relaxing me ^^)

I don't have a driver license
(Too small to reach the pedals xP *joke*)

Everything I do is never good enough for me, or just bad!
(My satisfaction only lasts a few moments when it happens, then anything goes away)

I have a scar under my big right toe
(Beach accident)

I'm scared of motorcycles!
(Since a motorcycle hit me when I was little)

Now it’s your turn! Yes, yes, I insist! Tell me 11 things about you, everything that goes through your mind. I’m not going to force you to make illustrations to go with ;P (How nice am I, he?)

Can't wait to read you ^^
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