Jun 27, 2017

Soin de la peau : mes produits du quotidien

This is a totally new article on this blog. Firstly because I’ve never been the kind of girl who uses tons of creams and masks, and then, because until now I had not yet found what suited my skin.

So I will show you three products today: my makeup remover, my moisturizer and a sunscreen. (Since this is the season ^^) I use the first two for several years now, so test period is thus largely over. As for the latter, it’s a recent find. (For those who follow me on Instagram you have already seen the spray in picture)
Obviously we must consider that each skin is different and therefore the needs are not the same for all. What suits me may not be ideal for you. So to give you a benchmark, I'll tell you a little more about my skin.

1. I have drought issues from a very high level (At the point of having bits of dry skin on the face falling like confetti)

2. 2. Sometimes I have urticaria issues (stress

3. 3. I am very sensitive to the sun, I burn with each exposure.


It's my makeup remover but I also use it to clean my skin on days I don’t wear makeup. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (that does not clog pores) its fresh and fluid texture is very pleasant on the skin. Unlike cleansing milks that left an unpleasant oily skin, this product is invisible. And I find it very effective in removing stubborn makeup, such as eyeliner and mascara.
Micellar water is simply used on cotton, gently. (No need to rub like crazy ^^) And I who sometimes has a very sensitive skin because of stress, I find it rather sweet. And I feel that my skin is cleaner than with the makeup removers I have used in the past.
This product would also help to reduce the excess sebum, but that I couldn’t confirm it or not. What I do know however is that on days when I'm too lazy to clean my skin I see the difference. It becomes damaged, dull and dry.
On the other hand if on the flasks it is specified "without rinsing", I recommend you to do it. In fresh water it is very pleasant just after cleaning your skin ;-)


I have accustomed you so far to vegan products, but unfortunately I'll have to make a slight deviation from this rule. Because although organic and not tested on animals, this moisturizer contains beeswax. It bothers me but it is the only cream that is effective on my skin.
As I said above, I have big problems of drought. I do not know if you can imagine your skin so dry that it would form solid pieces on your face? Well, that's my case. I find myself with bits of skins that crumble under my fingers.
I tried a lot of moisturizing creams, all famous for skins like mine but the problem was solved only on the surface. With this mass of oil that was left on my face after applying these creams. And that's not the solution to the problem, I can’t walk with a shiny and sticky head?
Then I tested Weleda. (Without much enthusiasm I would confess) And then, bingo! It works very well on me. I don’t get out of the bathroom with an oily skin, I come out with a skin hydrated! That is the difference.
Without paraben, mineral oil, preservatives and synthetic fragrance this natural care has been able to tame my skin! And as for the micellar water, I clearly see the difference on the days I don’t use it. My skin irritates me again and it’s a disaster. So if you also have dry skin, I recommend it to you 200%!


Made in France and Vegan, this sunscreen is my first not tested on animals. I wasn’t sure it would exists to be honest ^^ So I am delighted to share my discovery with you.
With the heatwave of recent weeks I had taken of severe sunburn in the back. And then I bought this cream. (I probably should have bought it sooner lol) Since then I’ve been able to expose myself to the sun without burning my skin. It is nothing more than a standard sunscreen and protects just as effectively. The difference is mainly in manufacturing. (Not tested on animals)
On the other hand its texture is fluid, even too fluid xD So it's a little less convenient to apply but but still feasible anyway. And once penetrated it leaves no white marks.

These are my daily body care products ;-) As I said earlier I'm not one to use 1 million things on my skin. I don’t think it's very healthy and I'm too lazy for that.
So I limit myself to my Weleda moisturizer in the morning and my Avene water micellar at night. Simple and efficient.

I hope that you’ve been interested by this article and if you have any questions do not hesitate.

And you, what product(s) do you use every day?

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