Jun 19, 2017

Noir un jour, noir toujours… même si il fait 30 °C dehors !

I find it very hard not to wear black in my everyday outfits. This color has therefore been very present in the looks of this year. ut what you want, it’s a safe bet and it goes with everything ^^

All that to say I’m FINALLY back, with a new look! The last one dates back to April and this long break wasn’t planned. As you read earlier, I’ve lost my motivation because of personal issues. But the machine being unlocked, I present you today - and for the first time on the blog, a Cyber Goth-inspired outfit :-)

So it's just a small resemblance to the style, I haven’t really try to do a Cyber-Goth look. Not willingly. This is the chance of my wardrobe that created this similar style. (If you don’t know this style it's the opportunity to discover it on Google ;D)

My key outfit is obviously the pants-shorts! I have it for over 6 years, bought it in an online alternative Japanese fashion shop. Goths Lolitas, Aristocrat, Industrial, … I was very focused on these crazy looks from Asia. Not that I don’t like it anymore but my style has evolved a lot since then and I think that it has become more extensive and perhaps a little more mature too. (It's not obvious right now but it's true xD)
Note that this pant-shorts can be worn as pants. Simply by attaching the legs parts to the short, via buttons. (Only since I have grown thighs, the buttons open as soon as I sit xD)
It's a two-in-one garment ^^
Personally I've never worn it as a lambda pants. It's much less fun.

The Cyber Goth style is reinforced with the very original fishnet stockings. The fluorescent part of the look brings touch of color and pizzazz to the outfit. (And this is typical of the Cyber Goth)
I choose to wear a crop top with this pants-shorts because of the heat. And the cut gives a lot of style, I almost look like a video game heroine.

Now I let you discover all the pictures of the shooting ;-)

Note : The black thing around my wrist is just an old faux leather tie. It was a last-minute inspiration. (Yes I'm the McGyver of alternative fashion, ahah!)

And of course, a new video comes with this new look. You will better see the pants I think.

Crop Top | Pimkie (Old collection)
Pants-shorts | Punk-rave from Japan Attitude (Save -30%)
Fishnet stockings | Leg Avenue
Shoes | Vans

So, do you love it or hate it? ^^

PS : My old Vans are so worn (I already wore them in high school) that the sole has become a real skating rink. Result: I fell down the stairs of the house. So they will wisely end up in the trash and that will be their one and only look.
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