Jul 27, 2017

Pour les vacances je m’offre un sac en forme de guitare !

This new look will surely surprise you for his sobriety but I accept responsibility of my choice. When it's very hot my corsets, crinolines and other victorian skirts remain in my closet… especially to go to the beach.

But I cheat a bit because what you see here is not a sea but a lake. Personally I have always preferred big lakes to the sea. Less wind, no waves and usually much more beautiful scenery with mountains, or as here, immense and green hills.
Anyway. A little paradise and a very early morning shooting! (Yes otherwise hello tourists in brazilian string in the background x’D)

So this look started with this cream lace skirt. I found it by chance and it was a crush. I love what looks a bit old, almost like the bottom of a wedding dress of the 30’s. As a garment that I would hold from my great grandmother. And it changed me from my many black laces.
However plan an underskirt because it is too transparent!

But no question of wearing a total white bohemian look.
I added my faux leather belt with a metal ring, my sandals and a “harness” crop top, all three black. It's the little rock'n'roll touch.

And HUGE icing on the cake: the guitar bag!
It’s obviously THE key piece of this look and its originality. Besides, I can’t even talk about a crush so beautiful this bag is, it's more than that. And as you probably know now, I have a tiny collection of atypical bags. So after the clock bag and the 50’s radio bag here is the guitar bag :D
Ornamented with pearls, sequins and in faux leather; This accessory adds the final touch of the look. I would even say, sublimate it!

And in this time of festivals this look is perfect ^^ What to compete with Coachella, which become more a fashion catwalk than a music festival.

So after these pretty pictures smelling like holiday, here is the video. Do not forget your sunglasses and sunscreen ;-)

Headband | Claire’s (Also seen here) [Old collection]
Sunglasses | Bijou Brigitte
Crop top | SheIn
Faux leather belt | Asos (Also seen here) Enjoy a summer sale price ;-)
Lace skirt | Aliexpress
Guitar bag | Aliexpress (Also available in red and black)
Sandals | La Halle aux chaussures (Old collection)

What do you think ?
And how does your holiday look looks like?

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