Aug 22, 2017

Sirène moderne : osez l’originalité !

The Shrimp that I am (« Krevette » = Shrimp in french) finally suggest you a deep blue sea inspired look. However it will not be a tribute to the crustacean as I am, but to a cousin: the siren. (Yes, yes, true! ^^)

Fish bag with bling-bling scales and pencil skirt adorned with a thousand holographic edges (I counted them xP), I'm ready to party at the seaside!
And with these two beautiful outfits so well matched to each other, I took back my mirror bustier that you saw on my Princess 2.0 look last year. But today, I wear it in a softer look. A good way to see it differently.
I also show you that you can mix 3 strong outfits without looking "too much”. I think that they complete each other perfectly; the mirror bustier seems to form a dress with the pencil skirt, and the golden fish bag brings a little warmth to the set :-)
With all this I wear a faux leather collar embellished with a metal ring and nude heel sandals to play the simplicity on my legs. (A bit of water and my mermaid tail appears of course ^^)
You'll also notice I wear hair extensions!

I couldn’t present a mermaid look with my short hair! But in terms of the extensions I wear, I would speak about it more in detail in a future article ;-)

For now I suggest you to watch my look in detail and motion. I think we are better aware of the holographic aspect of the skirt and the bustier is incredibly beautiful in video.

Hair Extensions | Extens Hair
Faux lether collar "choker" with metal ring | Deandri
Mirror bustier | Club L (Also seen here) [Old collection]
Iron Fist mermaid pencil skirt | from Belldandy
Fish bag | Aliexpress
Shoes | Naf Naf (Also seen here) [Old collection]

What do you think of the « Mermaid » fashion style?

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