Aug 31, 2017

Parce que vos jambes le valent bien !

Hello everyone ! I come back today to talk about shopping. Tomorrow, you know, we're in September and summer clothing will - unfortunately - soon be replaced by the autumn collection.

So since recently I made wonderful discoveries on Aliexpress (Yes, this good old Alie again ^^) I decided to share them with you. On the menu: lots of color, originality and steampunk, no less!

I don’t know about you but I am easily cold. Therefore, the best way to keep the heat without looking like a walking-heap of misshaped garment, are tights and high socks. I have so many that my drawer is full xD
And since I like the idea of being able to keep my personality while keeping me warm, here is what I found :-)

Steampunk socks

I've been looking for steampunk style high socks for several years. In shades, materials and cut. I wanted beautiful socks, both sexy and comfortable, that I could wear in my steam looks when it would be cooler.

And here are the worders I found. The bottom is quite thick without it being too much and there is this nice effect of material that gives these "stripes". At the top, there is this elastic lace part which is just beautiful! This is what gives the steampunk style to these socks. It gives the impression of an "overlay" then it is only one sock.

I’m in love with this outfit ! The quality is really top and it looks more beautiful for real than on the website. These socks won’t leave me this autumn / winter. I even bought all the colors available besides the pink ;P

Bicolour tights

If you follow me for a long time you will know that this is my second try for bicolor tights. The first time was on the website Néejolie (here) and the colors didn’t correspond to the pictures of the website. I was very disappointed and frustrated. (I’ve never wear them)

ASo, seeing a multitude of two-tone tights on Aliexpress I wanted to try my luck again! I dream of those tights for years now xD
And tadaaaaaaaaaa ! Finally beautiful bicolor tights! Faithful to the pictures and very opaque, I love the result. I took 6 different mixes including those with pink. I even think that this is one of my favorites. I like the way it matches with the yellow leg. They’re all different and all fun! And this is a simple and effective way to add some originality in a look.

So I'm ready for autumn and winter! My legs will stay warm but with style ^^
What do you think?

Steampunk socks | Aliexpress
Bicolour tights | Aliexpress

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