Dec 19, 2017

Darkrevette : bêtisier 2017 !

Here comes the moment of the - now famous – bloopers of the end of the year. Since the creation of this blog it’s a bit of tradition that I like to maintain in order to break with the « too perfect » image of the fashion blogger.

By the way, if you missed those of previous years, here is the one of 2016 here and that of 2015 there ;-)

And as I am a generous soul, I’ve done things big for 2017! I propose you no less than 52 PHOTOS! Some tang pull out, flying insect attacks (as often! XD), improbable faces out of nowhere and more.
I admit that I made myself laugh by selecting these photos. Moreover, on one of them I seem to have a tooth less while - and I just count them - they are all there! xP

Anyway, good viewing!

As always, feel free to tell me in comment which picture will have made you laugh the most ^^

And happy holidays!

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