Dec 8, 2017

Les Gremlins s’invitent pour noël !

For the very first time on the blog I suggest you a Christmas look! Indeed, until now I’ve only published "end of the year party looks" mostly fancy. But this year, after falling in love with THE Christmas sweater par excellence, I was forced to show it to you through a complete seasonal outfit.

And so, without much suspense (the girl who says everything in its title as a beginner), here is THE Gremlins Christmas sweater! * hysterical cries *

For the older ones like me, you certainly know this movie that has marked a whole generation by its very small and cute hero, named: Gizmo.
Well here he is, with his friends much less friendly, on a crazy Christmas sweater!
(For others who don’t know this movie you know what you have to do, or your soul is damned :D)

This is obviously THE key piece of the look. Everything else is mostly accessory. Moreover, I play the game of Christmas colors by combining red and green, something that I might not do usually. And the most amazing thing is that I find it harmonious.
To finish and add a little childish twist to my look (well, it's Christmas after all and I'm a big child myself ^^) I have my crab bag with me!

But see for yourself ;D

Note: This shooting took place in Belgium ... and it was cold! xD

I love this look not only because it’s fun and it brings out my "big child" personality but also because it’s very comfortable and warm. It’s really ideal for Christmas.

And as always, here is the video of the look. You can see the ducks have fun behind me, they were also the cause of many crazy laugh during the shooting xD

Christmas sweater | Middle Of Beyond
Tulle skirt | Asos (Old collection) [Also seen here]
Crab bag | Dresslily
Boots | ? (I don't remember ^^’) [Also seen here]

I advise you to go see the sweater on the website because the patterns on the bottom are hidden under my skirt so you don’t see them on the blog. There are other Gremlins who are hiding ...; D
Besides if you like this movie they also have a Gremlins cardigan and scarf. (I want it all !)

So, what do you think ?

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