Jan 17, 2018

La guerrière panda roux

Here is the first look of 2018! And for the occasion, I put on my famous and beautiful Red panda hat. I love it so much that it was inevitable in this winter. (Every time I wear it, children - and even adults - look at me with stars in their eyes, it's funny ^^)

About the look, I borrow the codes of tribal fashion style without actually making a complete look. I had never done this on the blog yet and it's nice to be able to try new things and try to surprise you a bit.

Well, except for those who follow me on Instagram and had a good preview on the day of the shooting ^^

Generally speaking my look is pretty simple, well, in my opinion lol. A sweater, shorts, tights, a hat, waders, nothing too crazy.
I also stay in the same hues, earth colors for a wild touch. And all very comfortable!

Fun fact: A group of dogs went through twice during our photo shoot and I think my hat did not really please them. One of them growled every time he saw me xD
I do not know what animal he thought I was but luckily for me he was on a leash.

I hope this getaway to the winter branch environment has been smooth for you. On the spot it was necessary to juggle not to be hooked and Mr. Krevette played the kangaroos with the camera in hand x')

Failing to have images of Mr. in action, I have the video of the look under the wind. I can tell you that I was delighted to have my red Panda hat on top of that hill!

Red panda hat | Idolatre Clothing (Also seen here)
*Ripped sweater | Dresslily - sold out
RQ-BL harness belt | at Fantasmagoria (Also seen here)
Shorts | Asos [Old collection]
Tights | URB Clothing [Old collection)] (Also seen here)
RTBU waders | at Etsy (Also seen here)

What do you think? Red panda or not Red panda ?

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