Jan 23, 2018

Les blogueuses et blogueurs alternatifs francophones montent un gang !

Today I would like to talk about a brand new place, magical, dedicated to french speaking people who are interested in the alternative world. Whether you are an actor or a spectator, the gates of this kingdom will be open to you.

This incredible place, therefore, is the Facebook group: Fashion Oddity. It was recently created by the two bloggers Jam and Jones from the blog Jamandjones that you can find in my blogroll. (A blog that I already recommended you to follow ^^)

I’ve copy / paste the description they wrote to illustrate this project:

« Finally a Francophone community for lovers of unconventional fashion! Are you punk, goth, lolita, pinup, medieval fashion fan, kawaii or vintage? But you feel a bit lonely among this vast lambda fashion blogosphere? Welcome: here you will be able to share your latest looks and meet people from a wide community of alternative fashion enthusiasts. Whether you are a blogger, youtubeur or simple curious, you are welcome among us! »

I like this initiative because it is difficult, even today, to find alternative French-speaking bloggers. And just like these bloggers "lambda" (do not take this word pejoratively) who gather under different interests to collaborate, this gang will allow us to highlight the diversity and richness of the alternative world. To make it more visible and accessible to all!
Then I find it nice to gather all these styles under the same banner. It conveys a very positive message parallel: all united through our differences. It's not just the Goth club, the pinup meeting or the lolitas tea room; it's the alternative culture gang. In all its splendor and diversity.
* That's all for the peace & love time * xD
The group already has 144 members, bloggers and readers alike. Several articles were even relayed, including my last look Red panda warrior. So we’re now waiting for you :-)

And if you have a blog yourself, feel free to talk about this group to make it known.
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