Feb 12, 2018

Bubblegum winter

Without transition, I here is new look today. It’s not always visible in the pictures but the shooting was done under the snow, which wasn’t to displease me. (The absolute dream would be to do a photoshoot under 15 meters of snow lol)

Small parenthesis: unlike usually there will be no Zombie Doll to illustrate this look. My tendinitis is almost vanquished but not enough for me to be able to drawing again. I tried, but I lost ^^’

Anyway, let's get back to my outfit. It may surprise you with its style and soft colors, almost girly; and I will admit that it is far from being representative of my tastes in general, but it is my childish side that expresses itself fully!
Faux fur, pastel curls, a stuffed bag ... I wanted to make a winter look that wasn’t dark and sad. It's a hidden facet of my personality that surfaces from time to time :P
So I'm wearing my favorite ripped jeans, with multicolored stockings underneath to add a little fun. A basic sweater to get warm (I chose black to contrast with the rest of the look) and my amazing multicolored fluffy jacket with eyes. I also wear a wig that you haven’t seen yet (a birthday present ^^) and which is in the same pastel colors as the jacket. Both melt wonderfully. Then my bowler hat for the rock touch and finally my little bag named Pilou; a cute little blue dog.

This look has the advantage of being HYPER comfortable! Convenient for everyday, including if you decide to climb a tree on a whim. (Absolutely! ^^) The jacket is particularly comfortable to wear, I love it.

I let you watch that more closely on video ;-)

« Rainbow Fae » wig | Black Candy Fashion
Iron Fist faux fur jacket « I See You » | from Attitude Clothing [Also seen here]
Ripped jeans | Aliexpress [Also seen here]
Multicolored stockings  | Leg avenue [Also seen here]
Boots | Eram (Old collection) [Also seen here and there]

So, conquered by my duet with Pilou the doggie? ^^

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