Mar 9, 2018

En rouge et noir !

New month, new look. (Finally March, hallelujah!) And if my title doesn't get you stuck the french song* of Jeanne Mas in your head, read it again! It works for me every time. (*My title means "In red and black" and it's also a famous song in France)

Well, it reminds me that during my teenage years (looked always very dark limited to black and red colors) young people called me "satan" all the time to make fun of me. Except that one day, in the subway, it's an old gentleman who stopped to say to me "oh my, here is Jeanne Mas!" And I honestly believe it wasn't a compliment in his mouth xD
Which goes to show that we criticize teens, but old people isn't better either! LOL.

Anyway, I stop talking about my life now! ^^
After a very sweet and kawaii outfit last month, I'm glad to come back to something darker and rock'n'roll - despite pastel hair. And although it's not a very originality look, it's a good basic comfortable to wear, and that always makes its small effect.
As for the style strictly speaking we could say that it's a bit grunge even if I'm not a fan of labels.
So I'm wearing my super perfecto again but as you can see, I added removable shoulder pin jewellery! It completely changes his appearance! And under this red and black sweater dress is hiding my "bones" mini skirt. Because obviously, if I'd only wear my underwear you'd be able to see them through x)
Then finally, you will recognize my beautiful new boots, moons and stars (more visible in the video), that I showed you in my booty of sales 2018! I didn't waste time to shoot a look with them.

So here are the photos ^^

As I said above, the details - especially for the boots - are more visible in the following video. But it's valid for all the outfit. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube channel feel free to do it :-)

Boots | YRU Shoes
Perfecto | Tripp NYC
Sweater | Punk Rave
« bones » mini skirt | Iron Fist
Shoulder pin jewellery | Japan Attitude

What do you think ? Is it a look that you could wear?

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  1. This sweater is so cool!! You rock this outfit girl x


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