Mar 14, 2018

Beetle hair !

Following the disappointment after my pastel hair color, I come back in force with a mane full of pep! It soon became too difficult for me to meet my reflection in the mirror with my hair so wise and so bland. The motto then: COLOR!

So yes, I probably went to the moon... but I wanted colors! xD

While digging on Manic-Panic’s webstite there was the embarrassment of the choice. And I didn’t necessarily have in mind what I was going to do. Or at least, apart from a bit of green. This is my obsession of the moment, I hadn’t had green in my hair for too long. But having already tested several shades at Manic-Panic’s I had to find a new one. It wasn’t that difficult in the end ^^
Then, it needed a color that could work with the green in question. I hesitated to make mixes of roses and oranges to get the salmon color that made me want to test the pastel colors of the brand but I did not want to complicate the task. So it's finally a kind of purple that caught my attention.


I love this duo of color! The result is really beautiful, it took very well on my hair, it's pigmented and bright.

Electric Lizard is true to what you see in the pot, and yes it's electric, lol. You only see the green! He has a beautiful color and intensity. If you are looking for a light green with character I recommend it. It is also a phosphorescent shade to black light, which explains this "fluo" aspect. Anyway, I love this little lizard on my hair.

Mystic Heather is a hot purple, which pulls to the pink. But as you can see in my photos, it is a kind of self-gradient color. (And yes, it's not even voluntary!) On the lengths its hue is more purple, pulling towards the lilac. And it matches perfectly with the green I added to my hair. I suppose that my slightly salmon roots and my white lengths had to play a little on the color but while searching on the web I noticed that I was not the only one to have these two nuances. And I rather like it. I really love the lilac part, I always liked this color. Now I'm looking forward to see how the Mystic Heather will evolve over shampoos ...
Last point, do not rely on its very dark color in the pot and during the application on your hair, it is not the final shade.

In the meantime, I let you watch my tutorial video to realize this - very colorful - gradient of spring :-)

One last precision: the green bleeds a lot while rinsing! I was expecting a purple shower but not at all. I even had trouble finding the Mystic Heather. So the Electric Lizard will color your shower with each wash of hair. Fortunately it's a light shade, it does not really damage your bathroom ^^

To end this article, I leave you with the comment box. I can not wait to read what you think of my new color! I feel like I'm living again, ah ah xD

PS: My little drawings come back slowly on the blog, finally! It's a Beetlejuice mini me because the colors of my hair make me think of this character.
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