Mar 30, 2018

Look double face !

Today the blog takes you to Japan. Indeed, it's with a mismatched kimono that I'm back for a new look. An "old outfit" from my closet that I wear only too rarely.

I love Japanese alternative fashions, although my style (though very variable) doesn’t often come close to it.

So many years ago, I fell in love with this double-faced kimono. A side with traditional patterns and neat cut, and the other more destroy, borrowing a little punk style.
I thought it was great that through one garment I could have two styles!

The crazier it is, the more I buy! xD

So, not really a personal touch in this look as the kimono is a set of 3 pieces: the kimono (of course), the tulle skirt underneath and the belt at the waist.
My only addition is these two-tone tights (which I've showed you here) to accentuate the double-sided appearance of my outfit ^^ (And if I still had my split hair it would have been perfection, ah ah!)

Note: yes I know, a red and black look again. But I can't help it, I only want to wear black clothes, black and black again!

Anyway! I let you discover the pretty pictures by Mr. Krevette.

The Japanese patterns on the fabric are splendid. I love the class side of this set. Surprisingly it's even my favorite. (Even if I've been fond of ripped clothes since my teenage years) Moreover, it's super comfortable to wear!

I let you now discover the video, as always :-)

Kimono | Punk Rave (old collection)
Tights | Aliexpress

What do you think ? Do you like kimonos?

PS: To close this article with style, here is the gif that I did planned to do to go with the look. I just didn't anticipate the final fall... x'D (Blooper by advance)

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