Mar 26, 2018

L'indémodable T-shirt Rock

Hello, I'm back here.
It is a timeless clothing of the Alternative fashion, which was at the forefront of the trend in the 90s. It is a way of financially supporting artists and a common way to proudly display your tastes to the face of the world. The T-shirt !

Sometimes, the "music" T-shirt (not the one that makes music when you press on it) has become in some cases a trendy clothes, diverted from its original goal. Groups like Ramones, Rolling Stones or Nirvana for example have become brands and are only worn for the trend. The people who wear them are often very far from really knowing the band or really enjoying their music, it is sometimes even the reverse.

It's no coincidence that these two worlds, fashion and rock music (as well as its sub-genres), have met. Born in the 50s and exploding in the 60s, the T-shirt that was originally a military underwear has a similar trajectory to Rock music that emerged at the same time.

In the 70s and 80s, bands like Iron Maiden and Motörhead popularized their mascot through these supports. Snaggletooth has become a sign of rallying and membership to a purist club.

Shortly, it's for me a basic wear that I wear every day, bought at concerts or festivals. Or sometimes bought with the release of an album, as a bundle. I put always that, sometines even in winter. I recently made a new acquisition by listening to late albums and placed in my pending playlist, but eventually they won't be in this article because the delivery has not yet arrived. Never mind.

I buy it first for the artist and second for design, the most beautiful are not always made by the bands that I prefer.

I made a few looks to show how easily wear the music T-shirt, in a Grunge, Punk style or "sober" and class style or even associated with faux leather or a kilt. And sometimes, it can be just used as pajamas!

What are your favorite bands or artists?
And do you have any favorite t-shirts that you wear sometimes?

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