Apr 25, 2018

Décoloration Elsabondexx: miracle ou supercherie ?

I'm back among you!

After an attempt to gray color in late winter, I decided to give up the graying hair goal (sorry miss Krevette) for more spring tints. But it will not be the subject of the article of this month!

Today, it will be bleaching step first. In short, I came across this brand that promised to protect the hair while bleaching. And bonus, he announced that his product allows to several consecutive bleaches (on healthy hair).

+30% Elasticity
+40% Restructuring
+35% Stronger
+90% Protective


Eslabondexx is a brand of the HSA Cosmetics group, an Italian company specialized in hair and skin care products for 35 years. Difficult to have accurate information, but it should not be vegan, it is very difficult to find Vegan bleaching brands.

I made two successive bleaching, I have not tried the threeconsecutive, I did not need it. I used a mix with 6% (vol20) cream, to lighten up more it's possible to pass on 9% (vol30) or 12% (vol40), but also more aggressive for the hair, it is according to your need.

You can see in video how I used the product.

I used a dose of Eslabondexx Bleach powder for two doses of Eslabondexx Smooth Catalyst 6% cream, applied to my hair and left for 45 minutes.

I removed the excess with a comb and then renew bleaches for 30 minutes before rinsing and shampooing.


I didn't lose my hair, my skull didn't catch fire and my scalp didn't really suffer after.

It bleaching well, it attacks the hair as for bleaching, but remained healthy, because the hair color I did the following week (after a haircare) took it very well and are beautiful tints. So it worked on me, I found the formula more effective than the others bleaching I had done before.

Difficult to really see the protection promised by that brand, bleaching are still to be avoided in a time too close and it's important to take care of her hair to be able to have a nice color behind!

Have you ever had a bad experience with bleaching?

Is the bleaching step that scares you?

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