Apr 20, 2018

Beetle hair Manic Panic : évolution dans le temps

As you know by now, the articles "changes over time" are a ritual on the blog. With each new hair color, I suggest you to see how the color fade shampoos after shampoos.

First of all :

You must know that…

+ The color you get on your hair depends on the bleaching you have done beforehand. (Yellow to white)
+ The color reacts according to the nature of the hair itself
+ All semi-permanent hair color (brands) are not equal in terms of quality / pigments
+ Within the same brand, the colors can react differently on your hair (ex: fade more or less quickly)
+ The products you use for your hair can damage the color more or less quickly
+ Use cold water when you wash your hair

You’ll find lots of other tips for your hair colors or bleaching in the “Beauty” tab of the blog (“hair” section) and on my YouTube channel ;-)

To quickly talk about my hair routine, I use a classic shampoo and an after-shampoo (sometimes even a mask) which makes 2 to 3 rinses in a single shower. It probably has its importance on the fading of the color. The more products you use, the more you fade your color.

Anyway, let's take a look at my two new colors: Mystic Heather and Electric Lizard from Manic Panic.
Everything is in the video below. You can see the color on the first day followed by 4 shampoos.


At the 3rd shampoo Mystic Heather is already much less mystical. At the 4th he disappeared. It goes away very fast, although it doesn't turn into ugly hues. The color pulls more and more towards a lilac, which I like very much. But 4 shampoos is still fast!
Electric Lizard holds much better in time! It's certainly less peppy than the first day but it's always flashy and colorful. I really love it. If I had to make a top of the colors Manic Panic Electric Lizard would definitely have its place ^^ Even beyond 4 shampoos it's still visible and green. It doesn't turn into another color than his own, it just becomes a little more pastel while keeping his "fluo" aspect of the first day. It's magic.

I made some pictures so that you can see the difference of fading between the two colors. (Because the green is hidden under the purple)

We can clearly see the difference ^^' The green is the only one which is still really visible at this stage even if there are still some beautiful pink highlights of the Mystic Heather. (For those who like pastel colors for example)
So it's obviously normal when you choose to make semi-permanent colors but I admit that I have hoped a bit better from Mystic Heather in the long run.
That said, purple is probably the most unstable color and hard to keep then I'm not surprised to see it goes away faster than a green. I'll just have to redo my color faster than expected because I love the result. (Yes, I'm not ready to change yet: D)

Besides I'd like to thank you for your enthusiasm on my social networks about my new hair color. I had a lot of compliments, it touched me. I am delighted that this last crazy hair color idea pleases you as much.

Now it's your turn to give me your opinion about the changes over time of Mystic Heather and Electric Lizard!

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  1. These photos are so cute! And I love how you add the lil cartoon drawings in your posts! x Liz

    1. Thank you ^^ I'm glad you like my drawings cuz they are everywhere on that blog !


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