Apr 11, 2018

Manic Panic : test des liners vegan de la marque

Until today I haven’t mentioned anything else than Manic Panic's hair dye but it turns out that they also have a wide range of cosmetics just as vegan as their hair products.

So I wanted to test some of their stuffs just to get an idea. After so many years using their colorations, it was time to be a little more curious!
Moreover I wanted to try colorful eyeliners for a while in order to change from the traditional black, so it was the opportunity to test 4 liners of different colors. A turquoise, a purple, a green and a bronze.
I don't know if you are familiar with colorful eye liners or not, but I think it's nice from time to time. To be honest, this is the kind of thing that look amazing on makeup artits and I was afraid that it looks more like a "clown makeup" on me, but it doesn't look bad ^^ I don't regret having tried.

So to begin with, here is the swatches of the 4 eyeliners I chose:
(From left to right: Electric Sky, Electric Amethyst, Enchanted Forest and Sun Zoom Spark)

Now here are the eyeliners on my eyes. Forgive my lines, I still need to improve myself. Especially with the symmetry lol.





My favorite is the turquoise! It is the most flashy and most glittery of the 3 (I'm not very "bling-bling") but I love it. It's magical, I find its color mesmerizing. It's far from being discrete but it is generally not a problem for me. At least it keeps his promise.
My second crush is the purple. Besides it matches well with my new hair color! It's sweet and bubbly at the same time. Girly but not too much. It's the perfect balance in fact. A hue that is very different from black color without being too scary to wear.
Then comes the bronze. It's a rather unusual color that will go perfectly with my steampunk outfits.
Then to finish, the green one. I put it last because finally it's a shade so dark that it looks like black if we do not look closer or if we are not in the light. Not that the brand promised anything else, but I think I would prefer an eyeliner a bit more green.

To conclude, I find the colors very beautiful and they are all visible in one layer, which is pretty good. The texture is not difficult to work either. On the other hand the size of the eyeliners are too small. They will quickly end up empty I think.
Finally, the biggest problem in my opinion is to remove the eyeliner. I have a lot of trouble getting them off my skin :-/ At least we can say they are "super-stay", but maybe a little too much lol.

And you ? What do you think of colored eyeliners?

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