Apr 16, 2018

La veuve des années 40…

It is (finally!) with a softer weather that I'm back for a new look. So goodbye sweaters and coats and hello to light fabrics and legs.

I do not know about you, but I FINALLY feel alive when I get dressed every morning!
With these pleasant temperatures you can almost wear everything, so I sometimes don't know what to choose. But at least, my look no longer looks like a pile of warm clothes under which I hide during the winter.

For proof, the outfit that I show to you today is flattering my body shape ^ ^ Transparency, fluidity, cut close to the body ... I didn't leave anything aside. I even look like a "ma'am", which I'm not used to lol.
And I love this look! I think this is the first time that I suggest something a bit retro / pin-up on the blog so I can't wait to get your opinion.
It's a style that I find very accessible, a moderate alternative look. With modern touches the balance is rather nice. (I feel like a time traveler ^^)

My first crush was this Voodoo Vixen skirt that I bought during the last sales. I'm crazy about its fabric and its cut. Then a few days before the shooting I looked for a balloon sleeves top because I had a precise idea of the look I wanted to do, and to my surprise I came across this beautiful blouse at SheIn!
It's is really gorgeous! The quality is top, the fabric super comfortable to wear. It's even prettier than what I had in mind looking for the ideal shirt. (And surely for two to three times cheaper than if I had bought it in a big brand that wouldn't have been a better manufacture anyway)

Anyway! I let you make your own opinion ;-D

There it is for the photos. Note that the large building you see in the background is an old, huge, impressive and very photogenic slate mining tower. That's what led us to shoot here.
I'll let you see the video now. Feel free to visit my YouTube channel.

Blouse | SheIn
Steampunk harness | RQ-BL at JapanAttitude (Also seen here)
Retro skirt | Voodoo Vixen
Shoes | YRU [Old collection] (Also seen here)

Here, just few words to repeat how much I like this look from head to toe and thank Mr. Krevette for his great job as a photographer. Despite the road that had given me a little nausea I enjoyed the discovery of this place and the shooting!

And you, what do you think of this retro look?

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  1. Gorgeous! That top is awesome. I love the steampunk vibes and how the background matches so well! x

    1. Thank you <3 Yeah the background is awesome, I loved this place ! And I love steampunk ^^

  2. beautiful look! the blouse is so lovely. and i love how you styled it with a plaid skirt.



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