May 14, 2018

Questionnaire + petite surprise finale pour les 3 ans du blog !

After a well deserved fashion break I'm back to celebrate one last time the three years of the blog with you. And to close the festivities I myself bought the gifts that will follow.

If of course I am delighted and grateful that brands or shops join me in celebrating the anniversary of this little corner of the blogosphere I've created, it seems essential to me to also make my small contribution.

So this year, I propose you to win a small batch of harness for legs :-)
I don't know if I already said it here but I love the harness trend! Whether on the chest, body, legs ... either as an accessory in its own right or in the design of a garment or undergarment: I-am-FAN!

So in addition to making me happy by offering myself these two pieces, I propose you to win them too ^^

There will be two identical prizes so two winners for this last contest. (Including 1 peaks harness + 2 rings harnesses / All vegan leather of course)
But beware, this time things will unfold differently! I would like, with this latest surprise, to target more my loyal readers who regularly appear on the blog. For that read well what follows.

How to participate:

1. Leave a comment on this article by specifying if you want to participate in the contest (even if you have other things to tell me ^^)

Draw by lot:
The two winners will be randomly selected from - randomly - comments from two different articles that have been published since May 2017! (A way for me to thank people who take the time to comment on my articles regularly)
You have until Sunday, May 20, 23:59 (GMT +2), to participate. The two winners will be given the following day, here, after drawing lots.

Winners : CARI and SASKIA BZN

Thanks again to everyone who takes part in the Darkrevette adventure :-) (including the people in the shadow)
I hope my choice of gift will please many of you. I realize that everyone doesn't wear this type of accessory but it may be an opportunity to try!
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