May 9, 2018

Comme une déesse…

As promised, I come back with a new look. I would even say, the brightest outfit I've ever showed you on the blog since three years! (But where is DARKrevette? ;P)

You know it now, my wardrobe is very varied. I'm not afraid to switch from one alternative style to another. But generally, my looks always have a touch of black.
So when I composed this one, it was quite surprising to see me in such a bright, virginal outfit. And I love it! I love the fabrics, I love the sweetness that comes to all of it, I love each piece of clothing that makes up this set.
The romantic looks have always pleased me on others so it was time for me to try it on me :D

The top and the underbust come from an online shop held by a well-known figure from the alternate world: Miss Overdose.
Prices are not necessarily cheap but they are unique clothes, worthy of professional shootings for some of them. It has more or less extravagant things and that's what I like. (This two outfits were part of my birthday gifts this year ^^)
However I expected (given the price) to a much higher quality for the underbust. It provides no support and seams are even apparent inside. Fine fabric, flexible, it's more a decorative outfit :-/ (Too bad because he is very handsome)

With this set I'm wearing my Aliexpress cream lace skirt that you've seen here before and my NafNaf heeled sandals that you saw there. As well as small flowers in the hair because it's spring.

This allows me to participate - with this look - in the Oddity Challenge of the month on the theme of lace at Fashion Oddity's.
This francophone alternative community Facebook group suggests "challenges" every month after a poll. And this is the first time I can try something so I am delighted!

But enough chatter, here are the pictures of the look.

I feel like a kind of goddess in her palace, ahah! *No I haven't got all big-headed like a diva* x)
As usual, here is the video of the look. I hope you'll like it.

Underbust | Miss Overdose Shop
Long skirt | Aliexpress [also seen here]
Heels | NafNaf (old collection) [also seen here]

So, what do you think ?
Do the bright and romantic looks suit me?

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