May 24, 2018

Magie noire !

Without transition, I invite you to discover a brand new witch-inspired look. This is a trend that we have seen everywhere in recent years and I must admit that I appreciate some of its aspects.

To play the game thoroughly the shooting was done in the forest. It made things a bit more difficult because the place where we were was swarming with beetles (which I'm very scared of) and lots of other little insects!
It swarmed around us, to the point of constantly having that awful crackling sound in our ears, as if the ground itself was trying to ingest us xD I'm not exaggerating, I swear it was clenching !

In short, between two sprint beetles and some unidentified flying insects we could capture these beautiful images of my witchy look.

It's an outfit that I love! If I could only wear it all year long I would do it.
It consists mainly of this sublime "over dress" all made of lace purchased from Crazy In Love shop for only 19.90€. (I often spend my money to that shop ^^)
The cut, with this vertiginous neckline and its length, was an instant crush! And the fabric is really beautiful.
This is something that has become very popular lately among fashion designers. We see more and more long dresses (or short) totally transparent!
Often presented with just underwear underneath these "over dress" are a small challenge to assemble for a daily look. But I am completely addicted! I have already bought several, not necessarily made with lace, and other designs have also catch my attention.
I find it sexy, and you can imagine wearing them in many different ways.

Here I have a bodysuit of Rouge Gorge Lingerie that covers my chest - without encroaching on the neckline - while completely clearing the back, and a black mini skirt Club L very simple. But I could have worn a mini shorts for example.

I let you discover the witch atmosphere photos ;-D (Also note: the artistic lunar make-up. I did a good job even if it's not perfect)

It radically changes from the previous total white and romantic look isn't it? xD I am like that, changing according to the mood of the day. From Greek goddess to Gothic witch there is only one step... or not.

And as always, here is the video of the look. It's worth a look with its special effects! I really am a witch, hihi.

Over dress | Crazy In Love
Bodysuit | Rouge Gorge Lingerie (old collection)
Skirt | Club L from Asos (similar here)
Shoes | La halle aux chaussures (old collection)
Rings | The Rogue + Wolf [Also seen here]

Fondation + concealer | Kat Von D
Contour + blush | Lunatic Cosmetic Labs
Red eyeshadow | « Risqué » Concrète Minerals
Mascara | « Better than sex » Too Faced
Lipstick | « Weirdo » Jeffree Star
Moon drawings | Tattoo Liner Kat Von D

What do you think ?
Do you also like the "witch" or "over dress" trend?

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