May 30, 2018

La coloration qui donne la banane !

Hello everyone, I'm coming back this month for a Manic Panic color test with two brand's colors. Siren's Song and Enchanted Forest , the second is one of the first bestseller of the brand. A safe bet if you are looking for a beautiful dark green very intense.

As you will understand, it is Mr Krevette who writes. But the article of the month is an almost duet article, because this time it isn't me who did my hair dye. I wanted to have a Split Mohawk ,with two shades close that blend well enough. It was difficult to do this well alone so to not make a mess, I didn't play solo.


Enchanted Forest is a particular color in the High Voltage panel, like its name suggests it represents. With its green hue that sometimes gives the impression of changing color to become almost blue as an enchanted forest. Especially in photography. It's a color I had already seen on Darkrevette a few years ago. And I knew that someday I would test it too.

But I assiociated it with Siren's Song which is a turquoise lighter than the Enchanted Forest but that goes well with this dark green. Siren's Song is a color that goes well with all kinds of green of the Manic Panic color range, I could have put it with a Electric Lizard much more flashy than the Enchanted Forest .
It's a color that Darkrevette also used in a Split Hair dye with the Lie Locks (Article here).

I let you watch the video, in duet with Darkrevette

These are two colors that should very well fade in time but I'll show you that in a future article.

Do you prefer Siren's Song or Enchanted Forest? or both?

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