Jul 27, 2018

Split Mohawk Manic Panic : évolution dans le temps

Hello, today I am officially on vacation. Sorry for those who are not (yet), but don't worry! I have not finished working either. In my last article, I spoke about my last haircolor, and you can see the evolution over the shampoos.

First of all :

You must know that…

+ The color you get on your hair depends on the bleaching you have done beforehand. (Yellow to white)
+ The color reacts according to the nature of the hair itself
+ All semi-permanent hair color (brands) are not equal in terms of quality / pigments
+ Within the same brand, the colors can react differently on your hair (ex: fade more or less quickly)
+ The products you use for your hair can damage the color more or less quickly
+ Use cold water when you wash your hair

You’ll find lots of other tips for your hair colors or bleaching in the “Beauty” tab of the blog (“hair” section) and on my YouTube channel ;-)

This time, I used Manic Panic with two colors that I could already see the results. So I did not really go into the unknown. I do not really care except for some masks with organic coconut oil, I used a shampoo without too much harmful product of the brand Coslys. But next to that I work in the metallurgical industry, so a pretty aggressive universe for the hair.

Anyway, let's take a look at my two new colors: Enchanted Forest and Siren's Song from Manic Panic.
Everything is in the video below. You can see the color on the first day followed by 7 shampoos.


Both had blue/green tints but we see in the last shampoo that the color Enchanted Forest is still pretty, less flashy but it still very good. It may be greener and less blue/green.
The Siren's Song abdicates after the fourth shampoo, it has become too faded and it's no longer beautiful. it's too green/yellow but in comparison to the Enchanted Forest, it's difficult to do better. It's pretty good in time anyway, the original shade is much clearer than the other color.

After watching the video and the gif, I think to continue to make the Enchanted Forest a little moment, it is a superb color I find, can be associated with another color ... But I drop the Siren's Song which was fun to do but only one times.

Now it's your turn to give me your opinion about the changes over time of Enchanted Forest and Siren's Song !

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