Aug 3, 2018

Ma nouvelle coque personnalisée

I'm back to share with you my latest acquisition. In partnership with the website I had the chance to receive a new dress for my phone!

And although I'm not one to change my phone case every morning, I admit that a bit of change doesn't hurt. In addition, it allowed me to print another of my drawings and to test a silicon case. (Those never inspired me confidence, I don't know why xD)

The website is very easy to use, the customization tool is rather complete and practical, much like everything else all over the net. So in a few clicks my new phone case was created.

As you can see, I chose to print my drawing of the Krevette In Wonderland look. I loved this one for its colors and the posture of the character. And to change from my previous phone case, I used a very dark background, like space.

You can see in picture that the result is really nice. My drawing is faithful, even if it seems to me a little more contrasted. I like the quality of the printing and I am surprised to see how it fits well on such a flexible material!
But the advantage of this one is that it's much easier to put and remove than my previous rigid phone case. (I swear, I've always struggled with it, I don't know how to remove it from my phone) By cons so far it has experienced no real shock so I do not know if it protects better than a rigid version . But it has at least resisted Yoshi who loves to grab my phone with his claws to then put it in his mouth, that's a win xD
My only downside is the transparent space on the outside edge that is larger than I thought about the preview. I would have preferred that the print fills a little more the phone case not to have this "frame" thing.
Apart from that I am very happy with the product received. I don't get tired of looking at the new style of my phone, it changes a lot ^^ And even if I'm never satisfied with my drawings I think they look good on phones, ahah.

And you, have you ever tested custom phone case?

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