Aug 28, 2018

Découverte de l’univers de Ash et de sa boutique: Obsequies !

Some time ago, I met the path of a young designer on the roads of Instagram. And after a huge crush on her unusual and original style, then a purchase in her shop, I decided to dedicate a full article to this young talent from Canada. And it's in the form of a small interview that I'd like you to discover her universe.

So here is Ash, short for Ashley. She's the one who imagined and sewed the wonderful skirt that I wore in my " Like a virgin " look that you enjoyed so much.
She was born in the late 80s and grew up in Manitoba, Canada. Having a sister a little older allowed her to experience the more of the 90s, especially through her sister's the teen magazines. Ash used to admire the clothes of these magazines and imagine all the fun stuff she could wear.
Growing up, she kept her shyness as a child. Shopping has always been a humiliating and stressful moment for her, which is why she learned to sew. It was at the age of 15 that his fashion journey finally began.
And other than sewing, she spend a great deal of time gardening, namelly pumpkins.

| Her shop : OBSEQUIES | Her instagram : ASHOBSEQUIES |

+ Since when did you open your shop?

Obsequies started on eBay back in late 2005, and ran for a few years there before switching over to etsy around late 2009.

+ Do you have a job in parallel or do you make a living by selling your creations?

Most of my income does come from my creations, though I also sell garden produce (when it's in season) as well as other projects that I sell locally.

+ Where do your ideas / inspirations come from?

There isn't any particular inspiration for me, it often depends on the fabrics I have available. Often times I get the most ideas randomly when I come back from the fabric store and the fabrics just...inspire the pieces themselves.

+ If you had to define the style of your creations what would it be?

This has been an ongoing struggle for me, because I honestly don't think my pieces fit into any category that well. If you think they fit into a certain style please do let me know, because it's a mystery to me. I used to say they were "sort of Franken-monster-goth-hippie-weirdo", haha.

(I allow myself to intervene to say that I neither can categorize your style and that's what I love about you! There are various influences that mix and give something unique that cannot be found anywhere else, with that little "recycling" touch that I love so much)

+ Do you think you have evolved as a stylist since your first creations?

I'm honestly not too sure. Sometimes I feel like I could have been more creative when I first started because I had such limited supplies to work with, it forced me to try different methods for different looks. In other ways I have so many more fabrics to work with now which enables me to make a whole array of whatever I feel at the moment.

(The article is also accompanied by photos illustrating the creations of Ash during the years 2006 to 2015)

+ What is important to you in a garment?

Comfort! Personally, if something isn't comfortable enough for me to wear every day it will sit in my closet unused. If it isn't something I myself would be happy to wear, then it isn't something that I want in my own shop. I want everyone who buys something from me to be happy with that piece, and feel comfortable wearing it.

+ Your creations are very colorful, so there is no color that you dislike?

When I was younger I was VERY picky about colours, but I had a limited selection of fabrics when I started sewing and often had to make do with what was there. Having to work with what I had really opened me up to not only working those colours into my sewing, but ultimately my own wardrobe.

+ Is the opinion of people about your style positive or negative?

Growing up I was pretty defiant about others opinions, and I actually pride myself on not worrying so much about what others think of my style. If people like it, that's amazing and I certainly appreciate it...but if they're rude about it, then chances are those aren't the people I want to associate with anyway.

+ Which outfit do you prefer to sew / imagine? (skirt, top, accessories...)

Skirts are by far the most fun for me, even though they are sometimes not the quickest sellers. I love to work with scraps, and ruffles, and lots of textures and fabrics, and skirts can really carry a great mix on one piece. Scrap skirts have always been a favourite, and probably always will be.

+ You wear your creations in order to show them in your shop, do you also keep a copy for yourself or do you sell everything?

Almost everything I make is sold in the shop, with only a few exceptions. Most of my own clothing is made from old materials (old shirts, old bed sheets, curtains...anything and everything) that others have given me. That said, they are still the same style as what is sold in the shop. Most of the pieces in the shop (and my closet) and one of a kind, and it just feels more special to keep it that way.

+ Something you would like to say to end this interview?

I feel like I've been very lucky all the years I've been able to do something I enjoy. It's people like yourself, and every other person who has supported my shop, or just liked/commented on my work, that have made my work life truly fulfilling. Thank you.

| Her shop : OBSEQUIES | Her instagram : ASHOBSEQUIES |

I really invite you to take a look to her shop and her Instagram page, only to admire her own style and what she designs / sells now, as the blog traces its past designs over the years.
Personally I'm a fan, I really love her way of composing things, to wear her own creations and her creations in themselves. I also intend to redo purchases in her shop!

In the meantime, I'd like to thank Ash for kindly taking the time to answer my questions. It was a real pleasure to learn more about the stylist behind the Obsequies clothes.

So, what do you think of her shop?

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