Sep 3, 2018

200ème !

Hello everyone ! Today my blog is coming out its 200th article that's why I wanted it to be a look. (Well, it also fitted well in the planning I admit ^^) So for the occasion, I suggest you an outfit in a style that I particularly love: steampunk!

This even is the first real steampunk look of the year if we take a look at the lookbook of the blog. (I am surprised to see that it took me 9 months to shoot one!)
Anyway! As I always try to compose something different for each look, this one will be kind of "desert adventurer". My makeup (traces on my face) is inspired by the alternative model Amy Wilder.

So I wear my beautiful Punk Rave dress that was part of an old birthday whishlist and I'm a fan of it. Its "dirty / aged" appearance on the fabric as well as those pieces that seem disjointed and torn along the length of the dress are fabulous. In my photos we don't see the fabric details well enough but you can better report through the video.
It is a very comfortable dress, but it's not light contrary to what it looks like. The fabric is heavy and keeps warm. The bustier is padded so no need to put on a bra. Only the strips that make the shoulder strap are a bit difficult to tame because those are just knotted on themselves. It is a detail that is the charm of the dress but must be carefully monitored x)

With that I wear a beautiful corset from Corset Story. It has pretty lacings on the front and it's discreetly striped cream / gold wich is very cute.
On top of that I have my great RQBL waist bag that I bought during sales and that I presented to you here. It's so amazing and practical that I wear it as soon as I have the opportunity: D I think it fits well with the ambience "dersert adventurer" shooting.
Then finally, Anna Field warrior boots that you had seen on my Krevette de Pompadour look ... as they can adapt to very different styles!
Not to mention of course my homemade steampunk glasses which DIY is still there ^^

Despite the people there were - and the presence of a drone (annoying if these people are in the picture and embarrassing because posing in public isn't necessarily easy) I had a lot of fun for this shoot realized in the Marne. The spot was very inspiring and I was so good in my outfit that I played the game.

As usual we shot a little video of the look. (The dress in motion is worth the detour!) I hope that you will like it.

Punk Rave dress | from Fantasmagoria
Underbust | Corset Story
RQBL waist bag | from Fantasmagoria
Boots | Anna Field (out of stock)

Makeup made with Black Moon Cosmetics's Orb Of Light palette

What do you think ?
Would you wear this look?

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