Aug 16, 2018

Butin de solde été 2018 !

As after each sales period, I'm back with my little finds. And you will see that I was super reasonable. (Or less inspired maybe ...)

Between prices sometimes still too high and sizes not available, I had the feeling of quickly shop around eshops to find nothing. What matters after all is not quantity. And I am very happy to have found these few clothes and accessories - which I have already wear for the most part ^^

First, a transparent black dress from the brand Widow bought at Iron Fist (my grail in case of heat wave), then a pair of sunglasses from Disturbia, and a beautiful RQBL steampunk skirt plus a RQBL waist-bag both from Fantasmagoria and finally, a Punk Rave steam pants found at Crazy In Love.
In short, a small steampunk and gothic selection :-) And as a bonus, new shoes for Mr Krevette that you will see at the end of the article.

I can't even tell you what I like most of all these things. The black dress is so nice to wear and its cut is original and sexy. The steampunk skirt is very practical with its integrated bag and I love the waist-bag. I wanted it for over a year and it is very adjustable and elastic. There are only good choices ^^

And as mentioned abovez, here is what Mr. Krevette bought himself during the sales. (Yes I know, I'm a bigger-spender than him x'D) It's from New Rock.

And you, what did you find?

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